Dubai’s top ten Instagram-worthy desserts

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You’ve come to the perfect location if you have a huge sugar hunger that needs to be satisfied right away! Stylerail, mainly inspired by  MyBayut has compiled a list of the top ten establishments in Dubai that serve the most outrageous desserts you’ve ever seen. Do you want to discover where Dubai’s most bizarre sweets may be found? Continue reading to learn about our top recommendations for the best sweet delights in town.

Nothing is ordinary in Dubai, as we all know, and desserts are no exception. The following eateries serve some of Dubai’s most Instagrammable desserts, which can satisfy any sweet cravings you may have.


Order the Dubai Surprise at Street x Gossip if you want to see a fantastic performance with your dessert! Because of the manner it is served, this is one of the most Instagrammable desserts in Dubai. Mini cheesecakes, chocolate mousse, ice creams, candyfloss, cupcakes, and other sweet delights are placed on a table, providing a delectable and visually appealing sweet experience.

AED 160 for two people, AED 320 for four people, AED 460 for six people, and AED 640 for eight people (for eight)
Contact: +971-4-341-7222 Location: Jumeirah 1


This one is for all Tiramisu connoisseurs! Cupagahwa serves Tiramisu Bomb to its customers. It has a white chocolate shell that has been melted with heated chocolate to reveal scrumptious snickerdoodles inside. Whether you share it with a buddy or eat it all by yourself, this is a dish you must try if you enjoy sweets. Cupagahwa also makes other dessert bombs in a variety of flavors that are just as delicious!

The cost is AED 45.
La Mer is the location.
Phone: (800) 42492


Madness Made in Dubai is another fantastic eatery with a quirky dessert presentation. The ‘Piata,’ their dessert, is literally smashed in front of you like a Piata! It’s a chocolate ball hung over a bed of marshmallows and fresh strawberries and blueberries, loaded with delectable goodies. The chocolate ball is then shattered into the dish, and a liberal quantity of heated chocolate sauce is poured over it.

AED 59 (about)
Contact: +971-50-336-8280 Location: Jumeirah Road


If you’re looking for the best ice cream in Dubai, you’ve come to the right place. Sweet Salvation, which is adjacent to the City Walk Dubai rental flats, offers a variety of handcrafted ice creams and desserts that are excellent for an Instagram image. However, if you’re seeking for unusual sweets in Dubai, ‘Krusty The Cone’ is a must-try. It’s a tall vanilla cone covered with candy sauce and sprinkles and garnished with blue and pink cotton candy. The brightly colored cone is not only pleasing to the eye, but also a refreshing treat on a hot summer day.

AED 30 (Small), AED 35 (Medium) (Big)
Contact: +971-4-349-9917 Location: City Walk


The Sugar Factory’s Pistachio and Saffron Sundae is a must-try for a unique blend of flavors in your dessert! It’s served in a big cup with pistachio ice cream scoops and a cardamom sponge topped with toasted kunafa and other delicacies. The meal is finished off with a gold leaf on top of a sesame tuile to add to its opulence. Sugar Factory features a variety of other sweet dishes that are as outstanding, but their Pistachio and Saffron Sundae is undoubtedly one of the greatest.

The cost is AED 65.
Contact: +971-4-284-3456 Location: Dubai Festival City Mall


Unicorn Vibes Sweets, also known as a Unicorn Paradise, is a one-stop store for Instagram-worthy cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and even milkshakes. But, out of all of their delicious delicacies, the Heart Breaker with Hammer is the most Instagrammable. It’s a softshell chocolate cake in the shape of a heart that can be crushed with a little hammer! Unicorn Vibes Sweets is just a short drive away for individuals who live in Jumeirah. Their store also has unicorn-themed interiors, which provide for wonderful photo possibilities!

The cost is AED 125.
Contact: +971-55-897-5955 Location: Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 1


Our next feature is quite popular among the residents of Mirdif villas for rent. Dip n Dip, voted one of Dubai’s greatest dessert spots, is a chocolate lover’s dream come true! Crepes, waffles, crème puffs, and chocolate-dipped brownies all on the menu. The Mighty Crep, on the other hand, will carry you straight to heaven. It’s their specialty crepe, packed with delectable treats such as fresh strawberries, brownies, and crème cheese and encased in three different chocolate dips.

The cost is AED 40.
Arabian Center is located in Mirdif.
+971-4-283-3370 +971-4-283-3370 +971-4-283-3370 +971-4-283-3 WAFFEE


Waffee Street is another renowned dessert destination in Dubai, noted for its Instagram-worthy treats. Their Chocolate Tower, which consists of a tall jar of Bubble Waffle, vanilla ice cream, and fruits, is soaked in a variety of chocolate sauces. No matter how strong your chocolate need is, Waffle Street’s Chocolate Tower will undoubtedly satisfy it.

The cost is AED 40.
Al Satwa is the location.
+971-4-526-0595 is the phone number to call.


Parker’s Dubai is the place to go if you’re looking for the best lotus desserts in Dubai. Their Pull Me – Lotus delight is one of the city’s most popular sweet delicacies, providing customers with a one-of-a-kind taste of the famed Lotus biscuit. The delicacy, a milk cake topped with Lotus cookie crumbs and sauce, is held together by a plastic wrap that you must rip away from the plate, allowing the delectable sauces to flow out. This rich, creamy experience is unlike any other, so if you adore lotuses, add this to your list of incredible Dubai desserts.

Price: 53 AED
Contact: +971-4-330-8390 Location: Dubai Mall


Farzi Cafe, our penultimate stop on our sweet treat train, is known for providing guests with unique culinary experiences, both sweet and savory. The Gulab Jamun is a delectable treat you won’t want to miss! For those who don’t know, a Gulab Jamun is a delicious milk-based pastry dipped in sugar syrup. Farzi Cafe’s version adds a new twist to the meal by using liquid nitrogen to freeze flavorful whipped cream!

The cost is AED 52.
City Walk is the location of this event.
+971-52-689-2012 / +971-52-689-2036 / +971-52-689-2012 / +971-52-689-2036 / +971-52-689

This finishes our list of the top locations in Dubai to try the most extreme desserts. Keep the camera rolling because you’ll want to capture it for Instagram!

Other places in Dubai where your phone’s camera will come in handy are businesses that sell customized cookies. Cookies that are both delicious and appealing to the eye.

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