How to Pack and Protect Shoes During Moving?

Packing your shoes is often the last step in getting things ready for a move. People save it for last because they don’t want to mess around with multiple pairs of shoes in different shapes and sizes. However, a few hacks will help you quickly deal with this task and avoid skin creases, odors, moisture, and other damage during the moving process.

Based on the experience of Livermore moving, we’ve highlighted some easy moving tips that will take the guesswork out of packing shoes.

5 Tips on How to Pack Your Shoes for a Move

Start packing your shoes with some preparation and throw away the shoes you don’t wear. After all, it makes no sense to pay for the transportation of things you don’t need. Set aside any pairs you avoid because they are uncomfortable, and donate to charity if they are in good condition. Feel free to throw the rest in the trash.

Now that you’ve taken inventory of your shoes and are sure which pairs you’ll take with you, it’s time to pack them.

Tip 1. Use Only Clean Wrapping Paper

Use special packing paper and bubble wrap to avoid leaving marks from newspapers or printed sheets on shoes. Be sure to give your shoes proper care:

  • Shake off the remaining dirt;
  • Wipe off dust;
  • Allow time to dry and air out;
  • Treat with cream or protective spray.

Then, you can wrap each shoe in a half piece of packing paper to protect it from rubbing or scuffing.

Tip 2. Tie Shoes with Laces Together

During transportation, there will definitely be shoes that will lose their pair. To help it dig through the pile trying to find a matching shoe before you’ve fully unpacked it, tie the shoelaces and trainers together and wrap the rest of the shoes together. This is the best way to move shoes in order.

Tip 3. Stuff Each Shoe with Paper or Socks

This hack will help you keep your shoes in shape while moving and save space. Take your rolled-up pair of socks and stuff them into your shoes. You can also stuff your shoes with plastic wrap or clean wrapping paper.

Tip 4. Pack Expensive Pairs of Shoes Separately

While you won’t regret an old pair of sneakers that might be lost or damaged during a move, an expensive pair of heels or loafers will be a significant loss. It would be ideal if you kept the box that the shoes were in when you bought them. Then pack them in a box by carefully wrapping them in paper or bubble wrap and adding some crumpled wrapping paper to the space around the heel itself. If you haven’t saved them, you can purchase packaged cardboard shoe boxes or use small plastic containers.

Tip 5. Pack the Shoes You Are Currently Wearing in a Separate Box

If you already have a specific moving experience, you understand that unpacking and organizing things in a new place is a rather lengthy process. So, ensure you have a separate shoe box that you will need immediately. Set aside separately:

  • Two or three pairs of essential shoes that are easy to put on and take off;
  • A pair of shoes that can be combined with work outfits for at least a week;
  • A pair of shoes in case you decide to attend any special event;
  • Shoes to wear around the house.

Pack it all into an essentials box and label it so you can use these shoes until the moving date. You can even take essentials with you in the car as these are the first items you will need in your new residence.

Hope these tips from moving services will help you to minimize the stress of relocation and preparing for it and make the first few days settling in at your new home well-organized.