7 Apps You Need to Download When Buying a Car in the US

In most cases, the issue of buying a car is not easy, even after determining the specifications of the required car. It might be difficult to know its current price without exaggeration or knowing the value of its premiums, or knowing the details of its insurance, but all of these things are provided by the smartphone apps.  
Among the applications, we find something that helps lovers of modern or traditional cars. Also, there are applications for buying and selling simple cars used only as a means of transportation. Plus, some ease the process of buying a car, and this type may be a favorite for many.
Here are some of these apps that operate in the US:
1- Go
An important part of the car buying process is knowing the estimated cost of car insurance. This application enables you to do that within minutes after examining the required license, which saves a lot of time. The application is only available on iOS.
2- TrueCar
Using this app, you can find out what you will pay if you buy the car from the dealership, and you can compare the displayed price with what other people who bought the same car paid, so you do not have to ask your friends what they think of what you purchased and the price you purchased it at.
The free app gets pricing data from more than 15,000 agents across the US and works on iOS and Android.
3- Fair
If you can not fulfill your obligation to buy or rent a car, you will need this app which enables you to rent only a used car that is no more than 6 years old and has not driven more than 70,000 miles. Most of the applications are less than two years old and come from agents rather than sellers.
As for ordering a car, it is available in 14 American cities, and all you have to do after downloading the application is to scan the driver’s license, select the required car, connect your bank account, and then pick up the car at the place you specify or pick it up at the agency.
4- AutoGravity
If you decide to buy a car in installments instead of paying a large amount of cash, you can use this application, through which you can search for a new or used car, match with an agency and apply for financing.
Oftentimes, you will get financing offers from several lenders, and with this, you can determine if the car fits your budget.
The app is currently available in all US states, except for Nevada, and is free on the Android App Store.
5- Car Payment Calculator Mobile
Before buying a car and during the search process, this application can calculate the amount of the monthly installment in the event of obtaining a car loan after including some data such as the car’s value, taxes, and agent expenses.
The application is also effective in the case of long-term lease accounts, after entering some data as well.
This app is useful for searching for used cars. You can search for a 10-year-old Toyota Corolla of low mileage. If it is not available, you can bookmark the search and come back to it later. The app also gives you a better idea of ​​what to pay when Find the vehicle you are looking for
7- Blinker
The application connects a person who wants to buy a car and another who wants to sell.  
The application uses image recognition technology for its three main functions, just by taking a picture of the car you sell or refinance, the application will fill in the basic details of it or take a picture of the driver’s license to apply for financing from within the application to buy a car, and the application will get its details.

Why Do Smart Instruments Manufacturers Need Custom IoT Solutions

Contrary to what many “conservative” manufacturers think, IoT is not a buzzword but the real future of the manufacturing industry. IoT holds power to rectify all the problems that stop manufacturers from making profits. There is no “fit-it-all” IoT strategy that can fulfill the needs of all manufacturers. This is why manufacturers need to focus on custom IoT solutions to overcome the manufacturing challenges they face. If you’re curious about the benefits of custom IoT solutions, you’re at the right place. Keep reading to find six ways IoT can help manufacturers boost their growth. 

  1. Supervision of Manufacturing Processes

No manufacturer can survive in the market without employing monitoring and management strategies. Smart instruments manufacturers must identify how they can improve their processes to:

  • Source raw materials
  • Manufacture efficient devices
  • Improve supply chain management 

IoT applications make it easier to handle the entire manufacturing strategy. Due to their customizability, IoT applications can be tailored to a manufacturer’s needs. Smart instrument manufacturers can hire an IoT consulting agency to ensure better supervision of their manufacturing processes. Professional IoT consulting services review a manufacturer’s manufacturing needs and intricacies and then provide an actionable roadmap to handle manufacturing processes the right way. 

  1. Improved Utilization of Machines

IoT can efficiently connect machines through the internet. Proper internet connectivity makes it easier to identify the vital parameters of machines, so they can be optimized to perform better. The data about the performance of machines can be stored online, so experts can analyze data and draw conclusions about optimizing the performance of machines. Proper IoT consulting can help manufacturers utilize their machines for manufacturing processes. IoT experts can identify if machines are performing their best and how to rectify the problems that can limit the productivity of manufacturing machines. 

  1. Prediction of Repairs

Maintenance of machines is important in the manufacturing industry to maintain the manufacturing workflow. Manufacturing downtimes can be minimized if manufacturers can predict the performance of their machines. Prediction of any defects in manufacturing machines can be made possible by using IoT solutions. As mentioned above, IoT makes tracking the vital parameters of machines used in manufacturing processes easier. The data stored on IoT servers makes predicting how long a machine can perform without interruptions easier. IoT can also help manufacturers plan out for any potential manufacturing downtimes, so they can plan what to do in case of downtime and how to handle the manufacturing workflow. 

  1. Management of Manufacturing Facilities

Production of smart instruments requires a well-maintained manufacturing facility. Imbalances in parameters can result in the production of substandard devices that don’t last long. For example, manufacturers have to maintain these physical parameters:

  • Humidity
  • Vibrations
  • Temperature 

How can manufacturers ensure that such parameters are maintained in a manufacturing facility? The smartest and most time-efficient way to gauge these parameters is to rely on IoT solutions. Custom IoT applications make collecting data promptly and processing it easier to give meaningful insights about managing the production facility.

  1. Evaluation of Processes

In today’s world of tough competition among smart device manufacturers, those who want to stay profitable must replace efficient processes with outdated processes. IoT can help manufacturers identify the processes that don’t bring results and replace those with efficient ones. Manufacturing companies can easily meet their KPIs by using IoT applications. Reliable IoT consulting services can develop IoT frameworks that efficiently monitor the manufacturing of smart instruments. This way, manufacturers can have more control over the production of instruments and ensure that their instruments function properly. 

  1. Cost Reduction 

With new manufacturers entering the market, established manufacturers can stay in business only by reducing the prices of their smart instruments. But how can a manufacturer lower the prices of their products without degrading the quality? One of the easiest ways to lower the costs is by adopting IoT strategies. Custom IoT applications can help manufacturers identify the areas in their supply chain where they are overspending. By overcoming the waste of money, manufacturers can sell their products at a lower price and convince more customers to buy them. 


IoT can help smart instrument manufacturers to maximize productivity and optimize their processes. Building an IoT department requires a lot of money and effort. This is why manufacturers should hire IoT consulting services to get customized IoT applications for their needs.