8 Reasons to Go on a Pub Crawl

Pub Crawl

Have you been invited to a pub crawl and you are trying to decide if you should go? The answer is yes! Pub crawls are a blast for many reasons. They make great parties, which is why they are popular for the birthday crowds, bachelorette and hen parties, and bachelor parties. If you are still hesitating, here are eight reasons why you should go on a pub crawl.

1. You will visit unique establishments.

A pub crawl will take you to multiple bars – many of which you have never visited. You will get to experience various pubs and learn their own unique cultures. While everyone has their favorite pub, a pub crawl is a fantastic way to try out somewhere new. For instance, a Camden pub crawl will take you to pubs with live music that are frequented by those in the rock/metal scene.

2. You will meet interesting characters.

The pub crawl atmosphere guarantees you will meet new people and make new friends. As you spend the night crawling from one pub to the next, you will get to know one another and have lots of laughs.

3. You will get awesome drink deals.

One of the great advantages of doing an official pub crawl is the awesome drinks deals you will receive. You will not pay full price for a drink all night and will get free shots or drinks at some of the bars you visit.

4. You will try new drinks.

If you have one signature drink, a pub crawl is the perfect opportunity to test something new. Each bar has its own signature drink, as well as popular drinks. Bartenders will be happy to serve you one of their most popular drink options.

5. You will not have to wait.

Official pub crawlers do not have to wait to get through the doors or get to the bar. Anyone who has ever had to flag down a bartender at a busy bar knows how frustrating it can be. But, your pub crawl host will get you straight in and up to the bar so you can get a drink right away.

6. You will not have to make decisions.

For those who hate making decisions, a pub crawl is an excellent choice. And, this will be the only choice you must make all night! The pub crawl host organizes the events, takes care of the group, and leads the way. This is why it is a smart choice for bachelorette and bachelor parties – all the maid of honor or best man must do is book the pub crawl and leave the rest up to the host.

7. You will party nonstop.

Pub crawls are nonstop parties with friendly, outgoing hosts who will encourage everyone to have a good time. You can expect to play drinking games, dance, and party the entire time.

8. You will have fun!

Last, but certainly not least, you will have fun! Pub crawls are the ultimate way to party and have some outrageous fun.

Top Flight Schools in California

Being a pilot is a job that requires very specific skills that can only be developed with adequate training and practice. If you want to be a pilot, choosing the right flight school to go to can be one of the most important steps to becoming one. Careful thought and consideration should be taken to ensure that you get the proper instruction and training needed to become a great pilot.

If you’re in California and planning to be a pilot, here are three schools to go to if you’re looking for the best pilot training in California:

The Flight Academy

Located in 7900 Balboa Boulevard, The Flight Academy at Van Nuys is a family owned business created by the Tarakji brothers who are dedicated to providing the greatest standard of flight training in the US. Whether your aim is to learn to fly, prepare for an FAA knowledge test, upgrade your pilot license, become a Commercial Pilot, or seek an Aviation Career, The Flight Academy is committed to assisting you in achieving your objectives. Visit them for an introductory flight and you will not be disappointed.

California Flight Academy

Located in El Cajon, California, the California Flight Academy has trained thousands of students from around the world. They have several aircraft that are all maintained above FAA standard so you are sure that they are safe and reliable to fly. One of their best devices is their Redbird LD Flight Simulator which can be reconfigured to fly a wide variety of aircraft types.

ATP Flight School

A big flight school with training centre locations across the US, the ATP flight school has seven flight schools in California. They have a large training fleet and numerous simulators. The experience of ATP Flight School in training pilots is well-known with their hours of flight training, FAA certifications issued, and number of graduates.

Flying Academy

The Flying Academy’s flight school in California is located in Los Angeles where they have four single-engine aircraft. They also have a flight school in Europe and their students can combine flight training in both Europe and in the USA because they offer both EASA and FAA courses.

All these flight schools offer various flight courses and have good reputation of providing quality flight training. These are just some of the flight schools in California. There are quite a few more schools offering pilot training, just make sure to check the school’s training history and safety.

Get to Know 3 Man-Made Lakes in Charlotte

mountails and lake

Charlotte, North Carolina is a landlocked city – it is completely surrounded by land. However, this does not mean that you miss out on all the water fun if you are living in Charlotte. The largest city in the state of North Carolina is home to several lakes. These lakes provide a venue for boating, swimming, and other water activities.

If you are living in Charlotte, it is good to take advantage of what these lakes have to offer. Make sure to spend some time in three of the best ones:

  • Lake Norman. The biggest man-made freshwater lake in North Carolina, Lake Norman is also the most popular. Not only is this lake a place for recreation, it also provides electricity to the Piedmont region of North Carolina, which includes Charlotte, Greensboro and Winston-Salem, Pinehurst and Sandhills, and Raleigh, Durham and the Triangle. Aside from providing electricity, Lake Norman also supplies water to Charlotte and other counties. As for recreational activities, among the things you can do in the Lake Norman State Park are fishing, boating, wakeboarding, rowing, and sailing.
  • Lake Wylie. Another man-made lake, Lake Wylie is also a reservoir and provides power to the Wylie Hydroelectric Station. This lake is a common recreational destination for both North Carolina and South Carolina residents. There are towns located along the lake and there are numerous public boat access areas. It is a great place for boating, camping, trail hiking, and picnics, among others.
  • Mountain Island Lake. This lake is the smallest man-made lake in North Carolina. Although it also provides power to the Mountain Island Hydroelectric Station, the main function of Mountain Island Lake is to provide drinking water to residents of Charlotte and other areas of Mecklenburg County and Gaston County. Boating and fishing are some of the popular activities in this lake.

Preparing to live in Charlotte? Check out the Bellhops city guide to learn what this city has to offer.

10 Essentials for Your Range Bag

a target practice sheet in a shooting range

A lot more goes into a trip to the gun range than many can imagine. Safety is the number one priority at any shooting range, indoor or outdoor, and that means you need to pack some protective items in your range bag.
Along with your safety gear, you’re going to want to pack a few additional items that make your experience easier and more enjoyable. Before you purchase any of the items on this list, it’s important that you have a good range bag that can comfortably pack your guns and all of your items.

Here are ten essentials to keep in your range bag at all times:

  1. Hearing Protection

One of the most important things when firing a weapon is protecting your hearing. It’s a good idea to always keep foam earplugs handy inside your range bag along with a pair of quality earmuffs. Electronic earmuffs and earplugs are slightly more expensive but effective and well worth the price.

  1. Shooting Glasses

It’s equally important that you protect your eyes when spending a day at the gun range. Shooting glasses are sold both tinted and clear for indoor and outdoor ranges.

  1. Tape

You’re going to need something to keep your target in place, and a strong tape will do the job. You may even want to pack a stapler, if you prefer doing it that way.

  1. Targets

You’ll probably find a lot of interesting targets for sale at your gun range, but there are even more available online. Pro tip: try using color coded stickers to mark and keep track of your shots at different distances.

  1. First Aid Kit

It’s no secret that injuries can occur at a gun range, indoors or outdoors. Minor scrapes, scratches, and burns are extremely common and they shouldn’t put a damper on your day. Make sure to carry some band aids, disinfectant, and burn ointment in your bag at all times.

  1. Hand wipes

Firing weapons will leave your hands dirty and full of grime that can contain lead and other toxic materials. Keeping your hands clean will prevent you from getting these chemicals in your mouth or inside any scrapes and cuts.

  1. Gun Oil

You always want to have some gun oil or lubricant handy in your range bag. This ensures that your weapon is well taken care of and functions as it should for the safety of yourself and others.

  1. Gun Cleaning Kit

Cleaning your gun regularly can prevent disastrous accidents from occurring such as explosions or slamfire. A good kit should contain gun cleaner, cleaning patches, brushes, and cleaning rods.

  1. Squib Rod

You should decide when your time at the gun range is done for the day, not a stuck bullet. Squib rods are good to have in case you need to dislodge a bullet from the barrel.

  1. Snacks, Water, and Other Outdoor Necessities

When you’re going shooting outdoors, it’s always good to have water and a snack packed. Sunblock is a must, and bug repellent is equally necessary during mosquito season.

Every shooting trip will require different things depending on where you’re going and the type of gun you’ll be firing. Make sure to keep these items handy any time you take your gun out of the house.

The Three Best Car Rental Services in Iceland – Stylerail

parked vehicle

Some people have never rented a car before in Iceland and so I thought I’d provide a quick review of the top companies to rent a car from in Iceland.

Car Hire Iceland

Car Hire Iceland is a new online car rental service in Iceland. With it’s easy to navigate website and wide range of available cars that are specialised for driving in Icelandic weather and conditions, I found it to be a top choice in terms of a car rental company there.

Sixt Rent A Car

Sixt is a European multinational car rental company with about 4,000 locations in over 105 countries. Sixt in Iceland acts as a part of the Sixt Group, which is internationally active in terms of vehicle rental and leasing. 

Iceland 4×4 car rental

Iceland 4×4 Car Rental specializes in four wheel drive vehicles intended for safe and comfortable travels in Iceland as well. Their fleet ranges from medium sized 4WD hatchbacks to 4WD jeeps and light pickup trucks that are especially adapt for Icelandic road conditions all year round. In addition, they offer specially equipped vehicles for travelling deep into Iceland’s Interior highlands (see their Special Offer Car).