10 simple ways to be happier

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According to research, 48% of Americans are somewhat unhappy. Whether you think of happiness as a state of mind or something fleeting, we all have times when we feel down and might need a small push in order to get to our happy place again, without resorting to binging, addiction, spending money, or overeating. Science has once again impressed us by proving that there are simple techniques to get back on your happy train almost instantly. Continue reading below to learn what they are.


Laughing can make you shift your focus from the negative in your life onto something positive and ironic. After all, life can be a big old joke sometimes anyways!

Being thankful

Being thankful is not always easy to do, but it can bring us to realizing that we are blessed. The best way to be thankful is to think of how your life has improved across the years. If this has not been the case with you or if you are having a tough time finding the glass half full, think of other people, around you if possible, who have not been as lucky as you with certain areas of their lives. 

Loving someone

Loving something, whether a boy or a girl or an animal or a hobby can inspire you and fill a hole in your heart. Get a pet or take up a new hobby if you just got out of a relationship or had a social falling out!


Smiling can trick your brain and eventually convince it that life is alright. See a friend that makes you smile, watch your favourite TV show for a few hours, or read up on some good news.


Yoga and meditation have been proven to be effective when it comes to happiness because they help you clear your mind and start off thinking fresh.


Sometimes, the best time to relax is when you don’t have time for it, or when you think you should be doing the exact opposite!


It helps sometimes to think of how nobody is perfect and of how everyone’s truly got something missing in their lives, and consequently to lend a helping hand by donating or giving a gift to someone or something that makes a difference in their lives.


One of the most proven ways to be happier is to find someone or certain people that make you smile and laugh, that you can talk to and that will understand you and be empathetic towards you.


Sometimes, you just need to get out of your comfort zone and experience something new, whether a hobby or a person, a career or a way of thinking. 


Exercising is, again, one of the most science-backed up ways to experience more happiness, although the reasons for this vary from one theory to another. Find a sport that you’re likely to stick to or that fits into your lifestyle the most and follow through!

Finally, these 10 simple tricks, if performed correctly, can help you achieve more happiness almost instantly. The following happiness infographic by Lifecoachspotter.com provides some simple science-backed tips to feel happier almost instantly.

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