Decorating a Space with Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps have become some of the most iconic pieces of decoration in the home. However, few people understand what they are, what benefits they come with, and how they can have them spice up the looks of their homes.

Himalayan salt lamps are made from lighting up Himalayan salt crystals. The inside is hollowed out so that a light bulb is inserted to give out the light. Owing to the presence of iron oxide in the crystals, they are pink to red hence the light emitted is of the same color range.

The health benefits​ these crystals include air purification, increase energy levels and neutralize electromagnetic radiation. However, the main reason they are in the home is for decoration. Some of the ways you can use the beautiful crystals are:

Himalayan salt tequila glasses and candle holders

Let not the fact that because they are called salts mean that they can melt away with any liquid contact. In fact, these glasses look like little candle holders with varying degrees of red and pink colors. And they are both washable and reusable. There are candle holders which, however, hold little bulbs in them to emit the pink hue signatory of the Himalayan salt lamps.

Large Himalayan Salt Lamp

This large crystal can be fitted anywhere in a room either on a low laying table in the middle of a room or a raised pedestal in one corner of the room. With these kinds of Himalayan salt lamps, you can vary the color of the crystal by changing the color of the bulb inside it. With each color you pick upon, you can also get different variants of the hue by varying the intensity of the light.

Himalayan rock salt candle holders

While the previously mentioned candle holders use light bulbs as sources of light, these ones hold actual candles inside them. For the best lighting experience, one should use crystals of different colors to give off hues of different colors. Also, go for candles that won’t drip when burning. However, that is not an issue since the candle wax does not in any way spoil the look of your crystals.

USB powered Himalayan rock salt lamp

While most lamps from the Himalayan crystals are created for large spaces such as the living room, one can also pick the small ones powered by a USB cable from a computer or a wall outlet. With these lamps, on can pick between a single color or various colors in a single bulb. For example, if blue is your favorite color, or the office looks better at night with the blue hue on, pick on it. Also, one can pick on a bulb that changes color according to the settings.

Himalayan salt lamps; guiding principles

Before you head out buying this awesome crystal lamps, you need to consider the following;

The color

Having a bulb with white light in a Himalayan salt crystal will produce the color of crystal. Vary the color of the bulb or simply go multicolored bulbs.

The size

Himalayan salt lamps differ in size from as little as a golf ball to as large as 20-liter water can. Some go beyond that and it all depends on your needs.

Power source

Here, you have the option of using a wall outlet, a computer USB port, candle. These are the three main categories.


These crystal lamps cost as little $10 and go as high as the size of the crystal will allow. The color rarely determines the price of the lamps.

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