6 ways traveling makes you what you are

road under cloudy sky

Being bombarded by social media and whirling in the middle of the technological revolution, traveling breaks monotony from the screens of our electronic devices (provided you can live without them) and provides a meaningful relief. It not only makes us feel rejuvenated but sustains our sanity and saves us from going on the brink of becoming the modern-day Sisyphus.

1- Travelling is indispensable

Staying at the same place/location for very long duration calls for a reality check on our lifestyle; for a pause and to turn the tide on our side. It propels us to think for ourselves. It provides an opportunity for us to become more agile and responsible towards ourselves as it allows us to be on our own.  

2- It creates a space of your own

When you have traveled enough where you are confident enough to write a book on ‘how not to travel’ alone or with a group, then my dear you have successfully created a room of one’s own. It brings out your inner fearless Virginia Woolf or Joseph Conrad and you can brag about it on blogs/vlogs, websites, can fill your personal journals, or even become a storyteller guide in your own unique way.

3- You truly become global

Whether you travel in your own country or abroad, experiencing a different form of language or cultural/subcultural phenomenon adds to your credibility & understanding of the real world. Getting painted in multicultural fonts (subconsciously) and knowledge of the foreign language, different customs, and practices makes it worth investing our time and effort. Our understanding of things from how a weight-distribution hitch works to why Spanish people take a siesta becomes clearer. Hence, start to think globally and not just stay within your own bubble.

4 – Eyes are more accurate witnesses than ears

When we witness something on our own, no matter what the experts say or what has been the hearsay, facing a situation in an unknown place where we have to use our cognitive senses makes us realize that almost everything has exceptions. Not everything is black and white and grey areas must always be acknowledged.

5- Travel unfolds one constant thing – Change

No man ever steps in the same river twice for it is not the same river and he is not the same man. Change is one universal thing associated with the time which moves forward and carries us with itself, whether we want to or not. Travelling is one such epitome of it.

6- It shapes your identity

‘’Those who love wisdom must investigate many things’’ is a quote that befits those who truly understand what travel can really gift us with. It doesn’t matter whether you had any health about the places you visited, it reverberates within you on who you are on the inside.

All work and no travel make Jack a dull man!

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