10 money-saving tips that can restore balance to your financial life

All of us need or want to cut back at certain times in our lives, whether you are saving up for a bag or whether you just want to add money to your kid’s savings account. For this reason, I have decided to bring you some money-saving tips revolving around the topic of lifestyle.

1- Make your drink a double!

The next time you order a cocktail at a restaurant, make it a double. Typically, it’ll only cost about 15% more — but you’ll get twice the liquor. 

2- Buy non-branded makeup products

One thing that I’ve noticed is that a lot of non-branded makeup will do the job just as well – and sometimes better than expensive branded makeup products. Why should you pay $50 for a contouring palette when you can easily get one that will give you the exact same results from eBay for $10?

3- Shop online

This tip might differ from person to person, but I personally end up buying a lot of unnecessary things when I am shopping outside rather than when I am shopping online. I believe this to be due to the fact that, when I shop online, I know exactly what I’m looking for, and I can just switch to a different website very easily if I don’t find it.

4- Buy in bulk

Even though buying things in bulk is a very obvious money-saving tip, many people seem to dismiss it or else not give it enough attention. Don’t just buy toilet paper in bulk, but rather buy as many things that you need in bulk, such as socks, stationary, cotton pads, tissue papers, razors, certain types of food, and more.

5- Keep a record of what you spend

The best advice I can give with regards to saving money is for everyone to keep an expense sheet. Keeping an expense sheet obviously allows you to track how much you’re spending and what you’re spending. By doing this, you can know your total monthly expenditures and be able to change your spending habits in a way that better suits your lifestyle. Get in touch with me for a customized Google Sheets template.

6- DIY!

Three are a lot of things that we women can do ourselves if we just took the time to learn how to do them properly, such as doing our own nails, doing our hair, makeup, etc.

7- Cut back on F&B

One of the most expensive social plans we can make is when we go out drinking in restaurants and pubs and order too many cocktails by the glass. If you have to go out drinking in a restaurant, order a bottle for you and your friends, that way you end up paying less than by the glass. Better still, stay in and order a few bottles of wine. 

8- Turn off the lights

This might seem like a simple one, nonetheless, it will have an effect on your monthly bill. Making sure you turn off the lights when you leave your home is a must. You should also make sure to turn off all of the air conditioners and electronic equipment as well.

9- Sign up for customer reward programs

Customer reward programs can be quite rewarding, as their name indicates. Credit card reward programs can allow you to get free flights, discounts at certain boutiques and shops and can give you a lot of advantages at the same time (free parking, etc).

10- Master the 30-day rule.

One of the best rules of personal finance is delaying gratification by implementing the 30-day rule. Basically, the 30-day rule dictates that you should wait 30 days at least before making a purchase that you’ve been contemplating. This ensures that there is a 30-day gap between your big purchases but most importantly, that you’ve thought your purchase through well and are convinced that it’s something that you need or really want.

Finally, if you find yourself really having a problem with spending too much money or saving too little, it’s always a good idea to talk to someone such as a financial advisor, a financial coach, or simply a life coach.

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