The Stylerail Marketplace


I want to introduce the Stylerail platform. It is a simplest social-media integrated marketplace where people can connect to emerging fashion designers to buy their unique designs. Stylerail simplifies the sales process between online sellers and buyers by providing a global social media integrated marketplace. This means that media (images and descriptions mainly) are easily synced between the stylerail platform and a seller’s social media channels starting with Instagram in a seamless fashion.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Stylerail will target the New York & expand to the rest of the US and eventually worldwide.
  • We use a combination of affiliate marketing, referral reward programs & influencer marketing techniques.
  • Stylerail uses various growth hacking & other effective marketing tools to generate the right kind of traction for sellers on its platforms.
  • A Dashboard allows premium sellers to view all user engagement with their virtual stores on Stylerail.
  • Seller’s Instagram posts are shoppable on Stylerail. Clients simply click on the seller’s bio link or visit Stylerail to shop the items in the seller’s feed.
  • Users can upload pre-captioned items for sale from Stylerail directly to their Instagram account.
  • Stylerail allows users to easily import images, & their captions from their social media channels.
  • Sellers can open free shops & sell their items on the Stylerail marketplace platforms.
  • For Inquiries: or
  • Twitter: @stylerail
  • Instagram: @stylerailofficial
  • Facebook Page: Stylerail

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dealer's dashboard body

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— Rana Tarakji

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