Surviving in the startup world

Here are some tips on building a startup influenced by Blake Masters and Peter Thiel’s Zero to one book.

1- Your team

Choosing a co-founder is like choosing a life partner. Your compatibility will likely determine the potential success or failure of your startup. Choosing the wrong partner can be detrimental. It is also preferable not to work remotely if possible since it creates more opportunity for dispute and misalignment of interests,

2- Equity Split

When deciding on equity split, it is usually a bad idea to divide equity equally amongst co-founders. The approporiate equity split should be determined based on the added value of each team member to moving the needle of the business.

“Equity can’t create perfect incentives, but it’s the best way for a founder tokeep everyone in the company broadly aligned.” – Peter Thiel in Zero to One

3- Product / Market Fit

When it comes to produt / market fit, this should be the priority of any startup at the initial stages, above anything else. A startup does not need to incorporate or legalize anything before it reaches this product / market fit.

— Rana Tarakji

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