Top Flight Schools in California

Being a pilot is a job that requires very specific skills that can only be developed with adequate training and practice. If you want to be a pilot, choosing the right flight school to go to can be one of the most important steps to becoming one. Careful thought and consideration should be taken to ensure that you get the proper instruction and training needed to become a great pilot.

If you’re in California and planning to be a pilot, here are three schools to go to if you’re looking for the best pilot training in California:

The Flight Academy

Located in 7900 Balboa Boulevard, The Flight Academy at Van Nuys is a family owned business created by the Tarakji brothers who are dedicated to providing the greatest standard of flight training in the US. Whether your aim is to learn to fly, prepare for an FAA knowledge test, upgrade your pilot license, become a Commercial Pilot, or seek an Aviation Career, The Flight Academy is committed to assisting you in achieving your objectives. Visit them for an introductory flight and you will not be disappointed.

California Flight Academy

Located in El Cajon, California, the California Flight Academy has trained thousands of students from around the world. They have several aircraft that are all maintained above FAA standard so you are sure that they are safe and reliable to fly. One of their best devices is their Redbird LD Flight Simulator which can be reconfigured to fly a wide variety of aircraft types.

ATP Flight School

A big flight school with training centre locations across the US, the ATP flight school has seven flight schools in California. They have a large training fleet and numerous simulators. The experience of ATP Flight School in training pilots is well-known with their hours of flight training, FAA certifications issued, and number of graduates.

Flying Academy

The Flying Academy’s flight school in California is located in Los Angeles where they have four single-engine aircraft. They also have a flight school in Europe and their students can combine flight training in both Europe and in the USA because they offer both EASA and FAA courses.

All these flight schools offer various flight courses and have good reputation of providing quality flight training. These are just some of the flight schools in California. There are quite a few more schools offering pilot training, just make sure to check the school’s training history and safety.

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