The bossy woman as portrayed by social media channels

I’ve been working on my own entrepreneurial project to build a social media integrated marketplace for online sellers. It’s the first startup idea I am taking on the full risks for. I have managed to find a small part time team to join in. But so far I am the sole one investing my full time into the project.
At this specific point in my life, I am obsessed with the concept of the balanced independent woman, or the #bossbabe, #girlboss, #bosslady. What this hashtag or concept represents, to me, is the independant modern-day superwoman who’s building her own empire, is fully independant, unapologetic, strong, has endured hardships that she is using to her advantage, does not fit into traditional societies’ one-size-fits-all holes and might even have trouble finding a decent life partner mainly because of her bread-maker role.
I often feel lost between focusing on social life or career dedication, commitment potentials and long term career goals, investing in my business or investing in my personal life.
As a free soul in a conventional country and region, this contrast is ever so apparent and problematic. I have this theory that moving to the developed part of the world would help me focus on my career and ambitions.
However, seeing as though I’ve been voluntarily unemployed for the past few months, this does not seem like a very good idea at the moment. I’d like to remain patient until the website is at least semi-launched and operational and when I had some kind of traction and revenue.
In the meantime, I’ve been reading and participating in all female-empowerment related activities, such as workshops held by women empowerment entities belonging to the United Nations.

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