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The World's Most Expensive Desserts

If there was ever a Bond villain that was obsessed with having gold and increasing his hoard of golden items, it would have been Goldfinger. If it were possible, he would have taken the mythological golden touch of Midas with joy instead of sadness even with knowledge of the consequences.

The World's Most Expensive Desserts

The idea of luxury has always been associated with gold; historically it was considered as the pinnacle of wealth and status. Finally, that golden concept has become safely edible! Gold can be consumed if made thin enough; the thickness though has to be 0.001 millimeters. Many who eat gold have reported that it has no taste, but scientifically speaking gold is inert and will not react within your body. It will be passed out just like any other substance. Many of the world’s most expensive desserts have tremendous golden adornments. The creators of these edible works of art have managed to make these classic dessert meals delicious yet beautiful.

The Serendipity Golden Opulence


For starters, this is an ice cream dish, but with an expensive twist; it is covered with 23 karat edible gold leaves. For $1000, the restaurant that prepares this golden dessert will need a 48-hour advanced notice as the ingredients are specifically imported for each dish. An example of the ingredients from this international dish are vanilla ice cream from Tahiti, vanilla beans from Madagascar, and Chuao chocolate from Venezuela among other items. At least the $200 Baccarat glass that the dish is served in is yours to keep.

The Golden Phoenix Cupcake

Another golden entry is a $1000 cupcake, well $1007 to be exact. Sold at a very nondescript bakery, this very sweet treat has the makings of a regular cupcake. It is made with flour, sugar, Ugandan vanilla beans, Italian cocoa, infused with 23 karat gold and it is topped off with an edible sheet.

The Magnum Opus

The Krispy Kreme chain is typically associated with very reasonably priced yet very delicious doughnuts. The price tag of $1682 for a doughnut is, therefore, anything but ordinary for the restaurant giant. At its core is a regular Krispy Kreme doughnut, the toppings, however, are anything but regular. For starters, 500-year-old Courvoisier de L’Esprit Cognac is mixed with a raspberry and passion fruit syrup; this is used as a swirl. Topping the combination is a 2002 bottle of Dom Perignon infused jam. An edible 24-karat gold leaf is then added along with handmade gold-dusted Belgian white chocolate diamonds.


Frrozen Haute Chocolate

 The spelling of Frozen is indeed correct in this case, the creator of this $25,000 dish uses a blend of 28 different rare cocoa blends to create this dish. The serving goblet is lined with edible gold, the sundae is infused with 23 karat edible gold then it is garnished with even more golden dust. As a good-bye gift, this dish comes with a golden spoon valued at $15,000. The heartening and hidden fact about this dish is the proceeds are sent to a charity for culinary scholarships.



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