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To say the least, the idea of a normal Joe aspiring to be a style icon is perplexing. While the word ‘style icon’ is used more cautiously in the realm of menswear, it is used liberally in the field of womenswear. Because a ‘style icon’ is defined as someone who has significant influence over how other people dress, including what designs are exhibited on the runway, the phrase has become virtually cliched.

Being referred to as a style icon is merely a result of having a distinct personal style that reflects your present location and time. A style icon is usually reserved for individuals with celebrity or significant cultural influence, but that doesn’t mean an average gentleman like yourself can’t aspire to be one or at the very least inherit the traits that define a style icon. Most of them symbolize a period in history, and as the Telegraph points out, most fashion heroes don’t even have such impeccable style. Having said that, we agree that the term “celebrity” should be broadened. It’s vital to understand that the word ‘icon’ refers to the representation of a common symbol at its most basic level. Although reverence is indicated, let’s simply say that if someone’s style embodies any form of cultural zeitgeist, they can be considered an icon.

That being said, having great personal style alone does not automatically make you an icon; there is just more to it. While superstars make a concerted attempt to affect our culture, average ‘style icon’ males do exist. And no matter where you fall on the fashion spectrum, we’ll help you get there if you want us to. It’ll take some time, patience, and skill, but if you follow these three simple steps, you’ll be on your way to enviable status in no time.

  1. Concentrate on your personality rather than your appearance.

Your clothing should reflect your personality: To wear them, you must have inner confidence as well as personal charisma. It would be difficult to find a man who wasn’t charming and/or popular in his chosen industry if you looked at any of the many style icon lists available.

Staying true to yourself takes a certain amount of bravery, and for the style icon, it’s about more than just clothes; it’s about how you wear the clothes, your personality, and your level of confidence. Who isn’t captivated to a man who exudes confidence and is admired as a role model? It has the potential to be intoxicating.

  1. Develop a distinct, one-of-a-kind style.

It’s difficult to avoid mentioning Johnny Depp while discussing a modern-day fashion icon because he is the epitome of one. What makes Depp so intriguing is that, as previously stated, he isn’t what a fashion snob would term well-dressed; rather, he is distinctly dressed. Depp can be recognized from a mile away without ever seeing his face, and it’s incredible. With a liking for worn-in vintage clothing and heavy accessorizing that’s part grunge and half bohemian, his style can best be defined as casually stylish and not trying too hard.

The message from Depp, for example, is that you should appear effortlessly cool without being overly effortful. As CNN points out, this is why respected guys like Steve McQueen, Hunter S. Thompson, and even Bob Dylan remain at the top of our style idol lists. Their attire reflects their professions, opinions, and historical significance. Their looks are distinct and unforgettable, and none of these gentlemen ever appeared to be attempting too hard. Their names have become nearly synonymous with their aesthetic. On the other hand, there are style heroes like David Bowie who went entirely against the grain: his style was more of a trend setter and well ahead of his time than it was effortless. These fashion icons are hard to come by.

  1. Develop a following

It’s pointless to be a style icon if you don’t have others who accept you and look up to you. You must be accepted as one by the males in your life. This doesn’t mean you have to create an Instagram account or a blog to show off your style to the world, but you should stand out and be known as “the person with that unique style” in your circle and beyond, as if you know what you’re doing but it comes naturally to you. It should come out of you organically. Having said that, being sartorially aware of trends and, if you choose to, adopting and tailoring them to your own style needs is still beneficial.

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