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When starting out in a given career, you need various tips to make it to the top. One of the things to do is starting out as a top candidate on recruiting platforms such as Most people go out seeking a job without having a plan in place. It is akin to going to war firing your guns without aiming. We should focus on a few aspects to keep our prospects better at securing a given job. It is a matter of being different from the rest. Here are a few tips to stand out from the crowd;

Put together a compelling CV.

The CV should be straight to the point to avoid any type of confusion from the platforms for recruitment. Given that the online platforms use algorithms to find the right candidates, make the CV simple and effective. You are making a pitch for a job just like thousands of other people. You should not put together a CV that three quarters of the other candidates have. Include as many you unique and relevant aspects about yourself as possible.

Target your CV.

The CV ought to focus on the specific field you need. The algorithms aim for specific candidates and thus being ambiguous will not take you far. You need to put in order the particular skills that make you a viable candidate for the position in question. Do not put out there a general CV since no employer will find a reason to pick you from the rest. Rather, state explicitly how your set of skills are important to the goals of the firm you intend to be hired by. If you are great in strategic planning, for example, give your potential employer reasons why your planning skills will help them reach their targets faster and cheaper.

Update your credentials often.

Just because you have a compelling CV targeted to one recruiter does not mean you should rest easy. Rather, have in place a way of updating your skills and format. 

With these tips, you can be sure your pitch to be hired will stand a better chance at being hired by recruitment platforms. If you are pursuing a career in marketing, add that to your CV. When you are done, update it. Keep the CV updated and looking fresh at all times. Don’t let it gather digital dust with things you did five years ago.

In any type of job application whether online or in person, the aim is always to find what the potential employer needs. It is all about his needs then yours. If the focus is on finding a person with financial skills to work in a team, you can be sure that only those with this type of experience and skills will be picked on. Don’t forget that the employer will also be looking for someone who learns quickly. If you ever had experience to show you are a fast learner, don’t forget to mention it.

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