Top Tips for a safe, fun, and interesting trip in an RV

Wondering how to spend your next holidays outdoors with your family or friends? Well, there is nothing better than a road trip. RV trips are one of the best trips; that provide you the opportunity to explore the city in a new and creative way.

Now take the comfort of your home with you on your trip with an RV. Wherever you reach while traveling, the big-sized beds, leather sofas, kitchen, and even attached washrooms make you feel like that you’re at your own home. From anything to everything (daily accessories), you can find everything you require on board.

There are several kinds of RVs such as Campers, Motor homes, Travel Trailers, and others. You can hire them as per your lifestyle and comfort. But, make sure you have the right weight distribution hitch in case of an emergency for a safe trip. Want to go on an RV trip? Here are some tips you should know about before hitting the road:

1. Know your route properly: The first and the foremost thing you need to clear is your route. Have a map and mark all the destinations where you will be stopping and spending the night. Be sure to plan things according to the season for a flexible trip.

2. Decide your budget: This is another important thing you need to decide before going on a trip in your RV. Determine your budget. When you have a set budget, you will know where you need to spend and how much you’ll across all the items including food, gas, and other essential amenities. Also, decide which RV parks or campgrounds you can afford to stay along with your way.

3. Make a timeline: To utilize your time properly during the trip, you should make a timeline once you know the route. In this timeline, you need to add basic details like how far you’ll travel each day, where you’ll stop, what fun activities you’ll do, attractions you’ll see, and other important stuff. Or, in case if you feel tired, stop anywhere just to stretch your legs and refresh your mood.

4. Be aware of power usage: In an RV, you can’t operate all of your electrical appliances at the same time as you do in your home. Be aware of your power usage to keep your RV running and some for in you need back-up. For example, you can switch off your air conditioner while cooking.

5. Apply for your RV insurance: If you already have one, great! If not, do apply for it. Your safety is in your hands. If you’re planning a long RV trip then make sure to get your RV insured before stepping out. It will ensure your financial security in case of any mishap. To get RV insurance, contact your current automobile insurance firm. They will include an RV to your running policy.

RV-ing is a great idea to connect with the nature and explore life beyond what we know. It allows us to come out of our bubble and see previously unexplored territories. Nowadays, they are the most popular way of travelling and exploring places. Keep these standard tips in your mind for a successful and safe trip.

10 Places Every Christian Must Go

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For a Christian, one’s faith cannot be restricted to the chapel and worship. Rather, one ought to connect to the life of the early Christians and that of Jesus to deeply understand the basis of Christian faith. For that reason, you need to travel to the following ten destinations:

  • Via Dolorosa
Via Dolorosa
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Often referred to as the Way of Sorrows, this is the path taken by Jesus from the time he was judged to the time he was crucified. He was then taken along the same path to the tomb. This path is what is depicted in artwork in churches.

  • The Garden Tomb
The Garden Tomb
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The Garden Tomb is among the locations in which many people believe that Jesus was buried. In this tomb, various visits can be made and even Holy Communion taken in the tomb. It is a majestic location with a deep sense of calm.

  • Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Church of the Holy Sepulchre
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This church is located in the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. It is a very famous church as it was built at the location where Jesus was crucified which is commonly known as Golgotha or Calvary.

  • Mount Zion

This is among the most famous mountains in the world. The mountain is also found in the Old City of Jerusalem where the tomb of King David and location of the last supper (the Upper Room). A visit to this location will a great trip as one can see many holy locations in a single visit.

  • Bethlehem

In Bethlehem, one can behold the Shepherd’s Field which is the location in which angels appeared to the shepherds announcing to them of birth of Jesus. There is also the Church of Nativity to see on your tour here.

  • Mount of Olives

The Mount of Olives has seen several mentions in the Bible both in the old and new testaments. It was one of the locations favored by Jesus for prayers and rest and where he ascended to heaven. On the Mount of Olives, one can see the rest of Jerusalem with a bird’s eye view.

  • Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee was where Jesus walked on water and performed many other great miracles. When you visit this location, you can ride a boat which is a replica of the boat Jesus would use when with his disciples. The beauty of the lake is easily notable.

  • Nazareth

This town was where Jesus grew up as a boy until he was a man. You see the humble nature of the location from your visit. Even better, you can visit Mary’s Well where angel Gabriel first spoke to Mary of her conceiving of Jesus.

  • Capernaum

This village is located right on the shore of the Sea of Galilee and is said to be where Jesus carried out his ministry and performed many miracles. The House of St. Peter is seen here besides other restored structures like churches and synagogues. It is no wonder it is named the town of Jesus.

  • Yardenit

Located on the River Jordan, this is the location where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. You can also be baptized in a similar fashion right in the river.

Bonus Location: Vatican City

Currently the center of the Catholic Church, the Vatican City had many pieces of art and relics all important to the Christian faith.

These locations should be planned for so that one is secure and enjoys their time and finds their inner Christian for a deeper relationship with God. Many other locations around the world exist but these ones are the most important.

The 21 Best Budget Travel Destinations For 2017

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Travelling should not be financially damaging. If you have a tight budget but still want to explore the world, there are destinations you​ can look to for the best experience. Even if you have enough to spend, you could just be in need of making some savings while giving yourself or loved ones a good time. Here are the best destinations for budget traveling.

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

The nation of Kyrgyzstan is covered in mountains and forests and thus one of the best places to visit for the lover of the wild. You can celebrate the wild and the people with some of the cheapest experiences on the planet. A meal, for example, can go for as low as $2 yet very delicious and satisfying.

Seoul, South Korea

This Korean city is a great mix of local culture mixed with an international touch. You can enjoy various Korean dishes, the big and beautiful buildings, and everything you’ve always wanted in a modern city. The fact that it’s a city doesn’t, however, mean that it will cost you a fortune. It is a very affordable city.

Cape Point, South Africa

If you want to visit the southernmost tip of the Motherland, you should visit the Cape of Good Hope which is full of history and one of the few places you can find African penguins at the Boulder Beach and Cape Point National Park. The fees are also very enticing with a few hundred dollars taking you for days on end.

Palawan, The Philippines

Those with interests in some watery fun should look to Palawan for the best experience. You can go snorkeling, beach hopping, exploring the underground cave systems and diving all in one package in this area. The good news is that you won’t break the bank to take in all this fun. You also get to enjoy the local culture with your experiences.

Porto, Portugal

As the second largest city in Portugal, Porto has risen mostly due to a combination of tourist attractions and low prices. The region has affordable food, accommodations and low tourist fees.  It combines historic sites with churches, old buildings, fun sites and others for a wholesome experience for any visitor. Most of its sites date as far back as the year 300 BC for those who love good old history.

 Trencin, Slovakia

How about a small town you can visit for so little yet bask in so much glory? The town of Trencin is located just below a beautiful castle built in the medieval times. You cannot go wrong with the peace and level of tranquility you get once you arrive in this location.

Cairo, Egypt

The capital city of Egypt was once the center of civilization. It still retains most of its Glory to this day thanks to the many ancient pieces of art that dot the city. Although previously very costly, it has become cheaper all due to the political unrest that began with the infamous Arab Spring. Today, you can have great value for each dollar you spend in this country owing to favorable currency exchange rate.

Moab, Utah

While other areas boast of tourist attractions aided by man, the city of Moab in Utah boasts of the most natural geographic features you can find on the planet. You can easily access the three major parks (Arches, Canyonlands, Dead Horse Point) from this city using an RV or public transportation. Make sure you have all your RV supplies with you when heading out for the fun ever ends.

Brasov, Romania

In winter, the whole of Romania is a fiery tale of a kind. In Romania especially, you get to enjoy a lot of what winter in Europe is known for but at a fraction of the cost you get in other locations. In Brasov, you will never get enough of the fun in winter.

Copán, Honduras

Media reports point to Honduras being a dangerous place and thus not good for the media. The truth is far from that however. Yes, there are gangs in the major cities of the country but they never tamper with the tourists visiting it. There are guides that will ensure you stay safe and enjoy the natural beauty of the country as much as you wish.

Northern Vietnam

It is known the world over that Vietnam is a budget destination. What people miss out is the part about northern Vietnam where the country comes into contact with China. While shunned by many people, this region is the true representation of the Vietnamese culture as most indigenous people are found here. You also get rice terraces and towering mountains with beautiful rivers all on a budget.

Lisbon, Portugal

After landing in Portugal, make sure you visit the city of Lisbon before you do anything else. The city is filled with historic sites and buildings, great museums, lovely music, an awesome nightlife and eateries with the tastiest of dishes. Even better is the knowledge that you can stretch very little money over a long period of time.

Bucharest, Romania

The city of Bucharest is home to many interesting items on offer. You get to explore the various pieces of architecture from old to modern buildings, cemeteries, museums and much more. The nightlife is also one to talk about once you experience it first-hand. Everything you do here will not cost you as much as it would in other locations in Europe.

Crete, Greece

Being the largest Greek island comes with various advantages one of which is that many people will stream to the area searching for fun activities. And Crete doesn’t disappoint as it has fun activities for everyone be they on budget or willing to blow away some money. The food and lodging costs are very lowly priced but with great quality in them.

Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia

It’s never easy to recommend an Australian destination as a good choice for those who wish to travel the world on a budget. However, Burleigh Heads in Queensland offers​ the best experience for anyone in need of experiencing traditional Australia without incurring too much. Besides the many attractions, you can also enjoy the temperature that is great all year round.

Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago

The little Caribbean island has some of the best experiences for those bent on saving lots of money while having lots of fun. You will not be getting your very costly hotels and other items but are sure to enjoy the beaches, the treks, hikes and other fun activities. The Caribbean vibe is very strong here all for a little money from your pocket.

Luang Prabang, Laos

Chances are high that most readers have never heard of this beautiful location. And that is the very reason why you need to pay it a visit. It’s​ full of tranquility, beauty and tradition that you would feel close to nature like never before. It has beautiful natural forests and other features that will leave you wanting more but without the costly prices associated with such great experiences.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Anyone who has been to Bolivia never stops claiming of how much they were able to have great savings for very little. Bolivia is often underrated by destination reviews yet is has some of the most iconic​ sites on the planet. Even better is the fact that you will enjoy these sites for very little.

 Antigua, Guatemala

The home of the Mayan civilization can be explored for very little money. You can explore the wild countryside while spending nights in very comfortable locations spread across the nation and costing next to nothing. The Mayan civilization remains are there for all to bask in their glory and take pictures of. While here, you can enjoy the world’s largest Easter celebration, Semana Santa besides other lovely celebrations.

Hopkins, Belize

It may seem ironical that we have included Belize on the list of the world’s most cost effective tourist destinations when it is likely an expensive paradise. However, if you compare what Belize charges and what you get for your money with what European countries charge, you will gladly choose Belize. As stated here, it is little paradise that will give you memories like no other.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Not many people look at Georgia as a tourist destination of choice. That is because they have never visited the location and because they have visited the most advertised areas. If you go to Georgia and simply focus on the fun, you will come out with lots to talk about and your perception about this country will definitely change for the better. It is also very friendly to the pocket and you will realize once your holiday comes to an end.

Even if a name has been included on this list, you need to learn of ways of saving money even when you are in a cheap location. Many guides will also give you tips on how to save money on your trips and other locations of interest.

Travel Gifts for Kids and Families

black woman giving gift to kid

Choosing gifts for a family of world travelers is easier than you think. They obviously don’t want to be weighed down with useless junk, so instead aim to make purchases that will help them as they travel near and far.

The best presents are often gifts of experiences. If you know some of the locations this family plans to visit, purchase tickets to a special event or attraction. You may even make the reservations for your favorite city tours in London. Gifting a family with memories that will last a lifetime is a wonderful way to spend your money.

Gifts for the Whole Family

Consider buying the family a terrific set of new luggage for their global adventures. The adults will surely appreciate the money you save them. For children and teenagers, you can also consider buying a fun book pack, messenger bag, or carry-on piece.

Gifts for Babies

When shopping for gifts for babies, try to find items that will make traveling with little ones as easier as possible. You can alleviate some parental worries by purchasing a travel stroller for the baby. A travel stroller collapses easily and takes up less space, but it is a must-have item when families are touring city attractions.

Another possibility is a portable crib – not a pack and play, but an actual travel crib. These are significantly smaller, but they still provide a safe sleeping option for babies while traveling and do not take up too much room.

Gifts for Kids

For traveling kids, you want to purchase gifts that will keep them entertained during long car and airplane rides. Kids love travel games of all types, as well as coloring items. Fill a bag with cards, miniature games, and coloring supplies, and you will have a gift that will entertain them and keep them busy.

Gifts for Teenagers

Let’s be honest – teenagers are going to spend a significant amount of their travel time on their mobile devices. So, it is a good idea to purchase gifts that work with their favorite gadgets. For example, get teens an impressive set of headphones.

If you still feel stuck, teens love to receive digital gifts because they allow them to download the gifts right to their mobile devices. Just make sure you buy digital gifts such as apps, music, and movies to play on your mobile devices.

Gifts for Adults

Adult travelers want gifts that are useful and meaningful. A unique passport cover is a great idea for those traveling abroad. Personalized items that make traveling easier are also excellent gifts. For instance, personalized luggage tags make it easier to find luggage at the airport.

For readers, an e-reader is a wonderful gift because it is easy to stock the library without taking up any luggage space. With an e-reader, they will always have access to their favorite books no matter where they go. While you are at it, go ahead and get them a subscription to a travel magazine or purchase some excellent travel books.