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Construction Time Lapse Photography: Tips & Benefits

Time-lapse photography has become increasingly popular in many different industries including the construction industry. This is because of its ability to provide a compelling and engaging narrative of a project from start to finish.

Construction Time Lapse Photography: Tips & Benefits

5 Workplaces That Will Benefit from Time-Lapse Photography 

Time-lapse photography is a well-known photography technique that shows movement in an environment by creating a video that combines single captured images. It can provide many benefits. However, there are many businesses and workplaces that have yet to fully exploit its uses.

Here are examples of workplaces that can benefit from time-lapse photography.

1.    Construction Sites

Construction projects are very complex because they involve a lot of people and resources. Project management is key in order to keep everything on track and on budget. Construction cameras can help with this by recording everything on site. This can be used not just to track the progress but also as a tool to update clients and for marketing purposes among others. 

2.    Shopping Malls

Shopping malls can be high traffic areas. This makes it challenging to secure all the areas within it every second of the day. Time-lapse photography can be useful here to review incidents that could happen such as theft and accidents. 

3.    Banks

Time-lapse photography can be used to ensure a high level of security in banks. In case of theft, it can be used for a criminal investigation to identify the culprits. 

4.    Manufacturing Firms

Manufacturing products usually involve complex production processes. Time-lapse photography can capture each process in order to pinpoint areas of improvement among others. 

5.    Hospitals

Hospitals can use time-lapse photography to monitor the activities of its doctors and staff to ensure proper care is given to patients. In addition, it can also be used as a tool in studying in vitro diseases and other illnesses.

3 Reasons to Time Lapse Construction Projects

Time-lapse photography has become increasingly popular in many different industries including the construction industry. This is because of its ability to provide a compelling and engaging narrative of a project from start to finish.

It can be beneficial for both small and big contractors to time-lapse their construction projects. Here are 3 reasons why.

1.    Efficient Site Monitoring

Construction cameras give project managers the ability to monitor the site in real-time even if they are not on site. This is especially beneficial for projects in remote locations. You can even show clients exactly what is happening on-site at any given time without them having to go onsite at all. 

Going through the footage also helps the team easily pinpoint potential problem areas, avert a crisis, and protect the safety of the workers. More efficient site monitoring leads to better project management. 

2.    Comprehensive Documentation

Project documentation can have several uses for the company internally. For instance, it can be used to review and improve processes to help save resources for the company. It can also help the contractor understand errors or accidents which may help prevent them from happening again in the future. 

3.    Marketing Tool

Time-lapse photography can be utilized in many ways to help promote the business. It’s a great way to show your audience the story behind how your project was completed. It can be used on your website and social media. You can also play it during trade shows or show it to your potential clients during presentations. You just need the ability to choose from all the footage and combine them in a creative way during editing.

Time-lapse photography helps contractors better manage their projects and market their services. For these reasons, it’s now an essential tool to have in construction projects.

5 Tips for Construction Time Lapse Photography

Time-Lapse photography can benefit a construction project in many ways. However, in order to get the desired outcome, there are several things that you first have to consider.

Below are some tips that can help you.

1.    Choose the right equipment.

You have a variety of camera choices that you can use for time-lapse photography from GoPros, DSLRs, and construction cameras. It doesn't necessarily need to be the expensive kind. Check what your needs are before you make a purchase. 

2.    Install the camera in an easy-to-access location.

Things can go wrong with your camera at some point, such as if the window gets dirty or broken. It's just practical to place it somewhere easily accessible so that maintenance cost does not add up too much. 

3.    Know your camera settings.

It's important to know the basics of time-lapse photography and understand the many different settings so that you can achieve your desired results. For instance, you must know the different shooting modes, the number of frames you want, and the speed of your intervals among others. 

4.    Capture lots of photos.

Take more photos than you think will be necessary. Not everything your camera captures will be good enough to include in the final video, such as when the lighting isn't good. Taking lots of photos also allows you to show a lot of activity change to make the final sequence more interesting. 

5.    Budget for regular maintenance.

Chances are that nothing will go wrong with your camera. Just in case though, maintenance can be expensive. It will be better for you to already include the cost of regular maintenance into your budget.

There are many more tips that can help you create great construction time-lapse photography. Follow these tips to help you get started right. 


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