July, 27
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A Quick Getaway to Schloss Elmau Spa Retreat & Cultural Hideaway

Germany isn't just known for its beauty and history. It's also a place that's popularly known for its resorts and quick getaways. Until this visit, I had only heard of the culture and architecture that Germany had to offer. So, exploring the Schloss Elmau Resort in Krun was something new to me.

A Quick Getaway to Schloss Elmau Spa Retreat & Cultural Hideaway

At first, I wasn't entirely sure of what I was going to experience in this Spa Retreat. All I knew was that the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, stayed there for the G7 summit. Apart from that and from exploring their website briefly, I didn't have too many expectations...

Needless to say, I'm glad I came across this hidden gem.

Here's my take on the Schloss Elmau resort experience:

1. It's a romantic getaway for couples.

It's a given that most guests, as well as families, would enjoy the resort. However, the whole ambiance of the venue added more than just a romantic feel to it. The view of the entire resort is beautiful during the day but also at night. During the nighttime, you can experience a tremendous contrasting view of the sky and the yellow-lit buildings. For me, though, what made the whole set-up perfect was how the buildings reflected on the swimming pools. Not only did it have a picturesque nighttime view, but it definitely completed the cozy and romantic vibe that surrounded the place!

2. The resort staff provides a five-star service.

The resort's service couldn't have been any friendlier. Absolutely each and every one of the staff members was polite, funny and accommodating. I felt right at home. The staff of Schloss Elmau is lovely. You can practically ask them for anything and they'll make it happen! Their restaurant serves delicious food as well. So if you're planning to visit this resort, make sure to have at least one meal in their Mediterranean restaurant.

3. Schloss Elmau hosts musical concerts.

I was absolutely delighted with the fact that there was a piano concert, although unfortunately, I was not able to make it. The whole concert idea fits perfectly with the ambiance of the resort. We missed the concert because of the time conflict. Nevertheless, I bet that the event was a blast. The duration of the concert lasted for an hour. If you're planning to visit Schloss Elmau and would want to catch a musical show, whether a piano concert or other, you can check their website for the time and date of the future events! I highly recommend that you don't miss out on this as it would complete your relaxing getaway experience.

4. They give really good massages.

I had a wonderful massage. I even stole some time from my partners' massage session! The therapists there really do give the best massages.

5. There's an archery range.

Schloss Emlau is away from the city and surrounded by mountains. In the resort, you sign up for archery training and learn to shoot at the archery range, located down a beautiful hill. I got to practice shooting bows with a hands-on instructor. You don't have to be a pro to try it! There will be someone coaching you on how to properly hold and shoot. It's definitely worth giving a try! It started to rain halfway through our shooting session so my partner and I decided to go back to the resort before it got muddy, although the rest of the guests who were participating carried on to shoot disks.

6. The pools are heated.

Two of the pools were heated up to 34 degrees. Even though the pools were located outside, and although I felt a little bit cold getting in and out of the pool, swimming and chilling in the pools was a delight. The two infinity pools had a stunning view of the mountainous forests.

7. The rooms were exceptional.

We got upgraded to a Junior Suite for some reason. The room was absolutely perfect except for a small water leakage problem in the shower area. You can tell by the looks of the rooms that everything is made up of high-quality material. The suite had that getaway vibe, in addition to one of the most beautiful views I've seen in my life. Aside from the accommodation, other amenities such as the sauna, hammam, and steam room were all exceptionally relaxing. Once you've tried Schloss Elmau, you'll want to extend your vacation, just like I wanted! Sadly, we had to get back to the city after 3 relaxing days. 

It was a wonderful experience. I couldn't believe that there's a hidden gem like this place in Germany. From the ambiance and feel of it to its services and staff, everything in here is spotless and perfect for anyone that wants to unwind and have a quick getaway.


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