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3 Things Your Kids Can Do at Carnegie Museums in Pittsburgh

Ranked number one for Top 25 Arts Destination by American Style Magazine, Pittsburgh surely provides a wide range of art experience for everyone. One destination for families to enjoy is the Carnegie Art Museum which is divided into four categories: Museum of Art, Museum of Natural History, Carnegie Science Center, and The Andy Warhol Museum.

3 Things Your Kids Can Do at Carnegie Museums in Pittsburgh

Kids and the kids-at-heart will definitely have tons of things to explore and learn here. If you are living in Pittsburgh, you get to enjoy these museums as often as you want and for as long as your wallet permits. Plan weekend playdates and trip with your friends and family and let this be your guide in experiencing Carnegie museums.

See Dinosaurs and Mummies at Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Called the “home of the dinosaurs”, this museum is famed for the skeletons of Tyrannosaurus rex, ancient fossils and ancient gems stones that are under the earth for thousands of years. Dinosaur skeletons are publicly displayed and unlike other museums that show plastic-constructed ones, the skeletons that you will find here are all genuine. Your kids can also enjoy an immersive activity of unearthing dinosaur fossils through an interactive fossil dig. They can also learn through 300 pages of scientific content on 20 interactive touchscreens and dioramas. Some of the galleries and exhibits are: Dinosaurs In Their Time, Hillman Hall Of Minerals and Gems, Bonehunters Quarry, and Paleolab.

See America’s Finest Art Collection at Carnegie Museum of Art

This place is best seen and enjoyed by adults with its rich history of the past. Nevertheless, kids can learn, enjoy, and walk-through the magnificent collections of art in this place. Established in 1895 from Andrew Carnegie’s personal collection, this place showcases a sprawling collection of 35,000 individual pieces from across Europe and North America. From the works of van Gogh, Monet, and Picasso, this is also home to some contemporary artists’ works. It also showcases sculptures, architectural masterpieces, and an interesting collection of chairs shown in the Hall of Architecture. This is surely an interesting way of showing and telling your kids the history of art and architecture.

Enjoy Interactive Activities in Carnegie Science Center

Among the four museums, this is the most-visited one. The exhibits here are meant to be enjoyed by both kids and the kids-at-heart. This place has four floors of interactive exhibits and some of the popular ones are:

Buhl Planterium

Considered as the fifth major planetarium in the United States, the Buhl Planetarium shows a high-definition planetarium and laser shows in its full dome. Your kids will learn more about different planets and nebulas as they appear during the planterium’s Sky Watch.

Ropes Challenge

A fairly new addition to the museum, kids get to learn the science behind climbing and the physiology of fear and thrills in Ropes Challenge. Among the things they get to enjoy are walking a rope bridge, balancing on rolling logs, climbing a horizontal net, and last but not the least, enjoying a ride in the zip line. This is a sure way to burn all the energy in your little ones.


This is the world’s largest permanent robotics exhibition. It has a lot of interactive exhibit stations that your kids can enjoy. It also features replicas of some of Hollywood’s famous robots such as Gort, HAL 9000, and C-3P0. In one of the exhibitions, your kids get to challenge a robot to air hockey. How cool is that?


This exhibit allows visitors to feel what it’s like to be an astronaut for a day. With activities like Zero-G climbing wall and Micro-G stimulator, you are to complete tasks similar to real-life astronaut training. It also showcases a walk-in replica of International Space Station that can be explored. This place is a great way to learn and get a feel of what it is like to be a real space ranger.

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