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3 Best Barbecue Joints in Charlotte

Among the biggest things in Charlotte is barbecue. It is a big deal and Charlotte is well-known for having the best barbecues you will ever be fortunate enough to taste. Hence, if you are thinking of moving to Charlotte, it will do you well to make yourself familiar with the city’s obsession with barbecue. Grab the chance to check out some of the best barbecue joints in Charlotte. Here are some of them:

3 Best Barbecue Joints in Charlotte

Midwood Smokehouse

Rated as TripAdvisor’s number one barbecue restaurant in Charlotte, this should be one of the first places you should check out. Aside from having consistently great barbecues, the sides are not to be left at the side. This restaurant rates high across the board – service, value, food, and atmosphere. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were even spotted dropping by unannounced in 2016 to have a taste of what this famed barbecue joint has to offer.

Mac’s Speed Shop

This restaurant is known for more than just its barbeque because it is also a biker bar. Needless to say, you would see loads of barbecue and bikes around Mac’s Speed Shop. They have their own Carolina BBQ sauce which makes their barbecue taste distinctly unique. To create a perfect match, they also offer a large selection of beers.

Jim ‘N Nicks BAR-B-Q

This barbecue restaurant is owned by, you guessed it, Jim and Nick. The selection of barbecue, sauces, and the sweet tea will make this place a regular dining out option for you. Enjoy various types of barbecue from Carolina pulled pork to Memphis-style ribs.

This list is definitely not complete. There are many more barbecue joints to enjoy in Charlotte. Moving to Charlotte soon? Do not forget to also check our Charlotte guides and informational articles to help you learn more about this North Carolina city:

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