4 Must-Have Features of Prisoner Transport Vehicles

Prisoner transport vehicle

Transferring prisoners from one jurisdiction to another is risky for both the prisoners being transported and the police officers or third-party contractors who handle their transport. In response to the need for prisoner transport vehicles, manufacturers have created various solutions to make the process safer and more efficient. Nowadays, there are several kinds to choose from, and here are a few must-have features you need to look for when it comes to securing the right prisoner transport vehicle:

  • Exhibits durability. For both safety and longevity of use, a durable vehicle that can transport inmates from one location to another is always preferred. Choose vehicles that are made of high-quality materials, such as those with all aluminum construction and with a white powder coat finish. Aside from heavy-duty doors and windows, the overall build of the prisoner transport vehicle must be sturdy enough to stand regular transport and even long and frequent ones.
  • Compartmentalized and secure. The prisoners must be segregated from the police officers or contractors, as well as from their fellow inmates, during transport. Vehicles with extra-tough partitions, compartments, and seat dividers, prevent any untoward incident that can delay the process or harm anyone during prisoner transport duty. Similarly, look for window guards, door panels, and door lock restrictions for added safety and security.
  • Well-ventilated. In-vehicle temperature regulation is a must during transport. To ensure that the officers, contractors, and, most especially, the inmates are comfortable during travel, prisoner transport vehicles need good ventilation. Choose prisoner transport vehicles that have heating and cooling system setups.
  • Allows for add-ons. First aid kits, intercom features, and meal pass-hinged doors are examples of useful accessories that can be added to a standard prisoner transport vehicle. For some models, video camera systems monitoring inmates are also available as an added security feature. Others also opt to install in-car computer mounts that allow whoever is in charge to access necessary files, even while on the road.

Because of the nature of prisoner transport, safety and security are among the highest considerations when it comes to choosing the right vehicle. Comfort for the inmates, as well as convenience for the police officers/contractors in charge, should also be considered.

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