The 10 Characteristics Of A Security Guard

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Has it ever crossed your mind, the thought of working as a security guard? Ever thought of the characteristics that make a good guard? If you live in the U.S and you are looking to work for a security company, then continue reading this article to find out the must-have qualifications to become a security guard.

What Characteristics and skills are required for a security guard?

There are times when hiring a security guard is critical to the success of a business. Whether you are looking for extra security for events or need personal VIP service and close protection, the b role of a security guard is to eliminate potential problems before they become threats.

That is why a security guard should always have some essential characteristics. Below, we highlight the ten basic traits of an excellent security guard.

1- Honesty and Integrity

A security guard must be trustworthy. Honesty is essential to building and maintaining trust. These qualities are so fundamental that companies often require background checks to assure that a security guard doesn’t have a criminal record or a history of dishonesty.

2- Extensive training 

Sufficient training is a prerequisite for any successful security guard. The best security guards will have undergone extensive training to help them acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to fulfill their role.  

3- Relevant Experience

The best security guards have a high level of experience and handle a range of threats and scenarios, whether you need event stewards for a festival or witness protection for a high-profile case. Some security guards might have military experience or experience handling hostile, high-risk situations to ensure that any potential issues are covered.

4- Vigilance

Being able to think on your feet and recognize when to act is fundamental. A security guard must identify a potential threat or disruption quickly and effectively, assessing the situation, people, and environment as effectively as possible.

5- Lead and follow

Knowing when to lead and when to follow the rules are two crucial qualities a security guard must possess. Leadership ability is imperative to maintaining client safety. A good security guard will know when to impose the necessary practices and common sense to eradicate a possible threat.

6- Communication

Whether your security guard works as a team or individually, they must communicate with articulation and understanding. 

7- Fitness

Maintaining high levels of physical fitness is a crucial quality of any security guard, as they are likely to be very active throughout their working day. There may be instances where a security guard needs to patrol a large area or outrun a criminal in your establishment.  

8- Attitude

A good security guard will be calm but assured at all times. These skills are essential for resolving conflict situations. In addition, showing respect for those they work with is a fundamental part of their job.

9- Stealth

There are occasions when a security guard will need to be visibly present, but it is essential to know when and how to mingle to reduce the impact or disruption an incident may cause.

10- Motivated

The best security guards are passionate about their work, driven to help people and those who value human life above all else. These are the most dedicated, loyal, and hardworking security guards.

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