When you buy Instagram likes, what happens?

The myth of YOLO

Do you wake up one morning to discover that your account has been suspended?

Are all of your followers immediately alerted to the fact that you’re a major #Faker?

Or do you wind up with a bigger social following (even if your bank account is lighter)?

When you buy Instagram likes, what happens?

Everyone believes purchasing likes and followers is a bad idea, but there isn’t a lot of good information outlining why you can’t take a shortcut when it comes to increasing your Instagram interaction.

After all, growing a competitive Instagram following can be difficult – especially in this day and age, when everyone appears to have their own online approach.

We’ll explain what happens when you buy Instagram Likes and why it’s a poor idea for your business in this article.

Why Do People Purchase Instagram Followers?

You might be wondering why ‘Grammers would take a chance on phony likes in the first place, especially when the common view is that it’s a risky move.

The short explanation is that true Instagram engagement is difficult to come by.

To begin, it’s worth noting that Instagram is now used by about one-eighth of the world’s population, and the figure is growing. This means you’ll be up against 95 million photographs, 400 million stories, and an unspecified number of IGTV videos per day.

While Instagram users “like” an average of 4.2 billion posts every day, if you want to make it big with your #Gram, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort.

When you buy Instagram likes, you boost your perceived “engagement” rates right away. Because engagement is the most important measure Instagram considers when selecting where to place you on the Explore tab, it’s one of the few things you can’t live without on the platform.

Instagram Engagement and Fake Followers

Instagram doesn’t just look at the number of likes or followers on your account when determining how influential you are. Both of these parameters are taken into account by the Instagram algorithm.

This means that if you have 100,000 followers but only 20 likes per post, something isn’t right. One of the most essential reasons why it’s so vital to earn your followers honestly rather than investing in bot accounts is the balance between followers and engagement.

So, what exactly is the problem with buying Instagram likes?

After all, having too much involvement can’t be a bad thing, right?

What Is the Best Way to Buy Instagram Likes?

You can purchase Instagram likes and develop a false following quickly using two popular approaches.

We don’t encourage using either of them, however, it is feasible to do so for the sake of education:

  • Subscribe to a service that “likes” images on associated accounts using bots.
  • Make a bunch of phony accounts and use them to “like” your stuff.

Creating a slew of phony accounts is a time-consuming and labor-intensive operation that most businesses simply don’t have. Furthermore, as Instagram’s security policy evolves, it’s safe to assume that a number of accounts that solely “like” one brand and participate in no other activity will appear suspect.

When you purchase Instagram likes through a service such as Buzzoid or Followers Cart, on the other hand, the assumption is that you’ll increase interaction through the reciprocity rule. To put it another way, if you “like” someone else’s post, they’ll feel obligated to like yours as well. Unfortunately, this does not always work, and you may end up jeopardizing your entire business without seeing any tangible returns.

Buying Instagram Likes Has Its Drawbacks

When you buy Instagram likes rather than earning them naturally, one of two things can happen:

Your engagement doesn’t increase, but Instagram ultimately notices and penalizes you.
Your engagement levels rise for a while, but Instagram eventually catches you and punishes you.
In either case, the dangers exceed the benefits.

Finally, the main risk of purchasing Instagram likes isn’t that you’ll waste your money. It’s the possibility that you’re wasting money on a plan that undermines your brand’s reputation, jeopardizes future marketing opportunities, and offers little in the way of long-term involvement.

When you purchase Instagram likes, this is what happens most of the time.

1. You put your reputation and follower relationships in jeopardy.

If you decide to go the bot or automated route, like the majority of firms who purchase Instagram likes, you’re entrusting your whole social strategy to a machine. Unfortunately, even while artificial intelligence is improving, it still lacks the ability to comprehend the concept of “context.”

Your Instagram likes bot will just “like” posts, no matter what they’re about or what material they contain. The majority of services work by simply tracking a hashtag. This means you run the risk of “liking” a lot of postings that your company doesn’t want to be linked with just because a tag is present. These issues with context might cause irreversible damage to your reputation over time.

2. You’re branded as a #Faker

Because of the non-human nature of the bots and automated accounts that distribute Instagram likes, recognizing #Fake content has never been easier. Here are a few indicators that your favorite brands might be buying Instagram likes:

Minimal follower activity: Browse the Instagram profiles of the account’s followers. If their followers don’t do anything more than like the brand’s postings, it’s likely they’re phony accounts.
Poor user engagement: If a profile has an abnormally high number of likes on every post but a small number of followers, something is wrong. Keep in mind the like-to-follower ratio.
Check to see whether any of the following services are associated with the account: If the company has ties to websites that sell Instagram likes, that’s a significant red flag.

3. It’s possible that your account will be erased.

Instagram wants its social media platform to be a place where individuals can create genuine connections with one another.

If you’re trying to buy your way to the top of Instagram by buying likes and followers, you’re breaking the Instagram terms of service. If Instagram discovers that you aren’t following their guidelines, they will deactivate your account, making it even more difficult for you to gain the social following you require.

If you’re lucky, the #Gram team will only issue a warning rather than remove your account. Don’t hold your breath, though. Instagram removed millions of false followers from its system in 2014, and they’ve been cracking down on fakers since then.

4. You’ll Get Caught Up In A Catch-22 Situation

Finally, when you purchase Instagram likes, you risk becoming caught in a vicious cycle where you keep buying followers and likes just to stay on top of your ratio. This means you’re continuously spending money on your Instagram account, but you’re never generating the kind of engagement that leads to long-term business success.

To prevent the purge, a large number of Instagram users have purchased a carefully calculated blend of likes and followers, ostensibly to make their post-performance ratio appear more realistic. Unfortunately, even if you merely intended to buy Instagram likes to get your account started, you may find yourself stuck paying for extra likes and followers until you’re caught out.

To be #InstaFamous, you don’t need to buy Instagram likes.

Purchasing likes to increase engagement on your Instagram account may appear to be a good idea on the surface.

After all, if others see how popular your postings are, they may be more inclined to follow your profile and connect with your content as well. Buying likes, unfortunately, rarely works out the way you want it to. Instead of starting your engagement strategy, you find yourself in a difficult scenario where you can’t appropriately defend your brand’s reputation or create a true audience.

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