10 Places Every Christian Must Go

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For a Christian, one’s faith cannot be restricted to the chapel and worship. Rather, one ought to connect to the life of the early Christians and that of Jesus to deeply understand the basis of Christian faith. For that reason, you need to travel to the following ten destinations:

  • Via Dolorosa
Via Dolorosa
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Often referred to as the Way of Sorrows, this is the path taken by Jesus from the time he was judged to the time he was crucified. He was then taken along the same path to the tomb. This path is what is depicted in artwork in churches.

  • The Garden Tomb
The Garden Tomb
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The Garden Tomb is among the locations in which many people believe that Jesus was buried. In this tomb, various visits can be made and even Holy Communion taken in the tomb. It is a majestic location with a deep sense of calm.

  • Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Church of the Holy Sepulchre
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This church is located in the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. It is a very famous church as it was built at the location where Jesus was crucified which is commonly known as Golgotha or Calvary.

  • Mount Zion

This is among the most famous mountains in the world. The mountain is also found in the Old City of Jerusalem where the tomb of King David and location of the last supper (the Upper Room). A visit to this location will a great trip as one can see many holy locations in a single visit.

  • Bethlehem

In Bethlehem, one can behold the Shepherd’s Field which is the location in which angels appeared to the shepherds announcing to them of birth of Jesus. There is also the Church of Nativity to see on your tour here.

  • Mount of Olives

The Mount of Olives has seen several mentions in the Bible both in the old and new testaments. It was one of the locations favored by Jesus for prayers and rest and where he ascended to heaven. On the Mount of Olives, one can see the rest of Jerusalem with a bird’s eye view.

  • Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee was where Jesus walked on water and performed many other great miracles. When you visit this location, you can ride a boat which is a replica of the boat Jesus would use when with his disciples. The beauty of the lake is easily notable.

  • Nazareth

This town was where Jesus grew up as a boy until he was a man. You see the humble nature of the location from your visit. Even better, you can visit Mary’s Well where angel Gabriel first spoke to Mary of her conceiving of Jesus.

  • Capernaum

This village is located right on the shore of the Sea of Galilee and is said to be where Jesus carried out his ministry and performed many miracles. The House of St. Peter is seen here besides other restored structures like churches and synagogues. It is no wonder it is named the town of Jesus.

  • Yardenit

Located on the River Jordan, this is the location where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. You can also be baptized in a similar fashion right in the river.

Bonus Location: Vatican City

Currently the center of the Catholic Church, the Vatican City had many pieces of art and relics all important to the Christian faith.

These locations should be planned for so that one is secure and enjoys their time and finds their inner Christian for a deeper relationship with God. Many other locations around the world exist but these ones are the most important.

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