During the year of 2014, while re-engaging in the study of mathematics, I attemped to use visual techniques to retain numbers in a swifter manner; experimenting with several methods and viewing documentaries relating to savants proved to me that the study of mnemonics, although I still have not been able to master it, was quite helpful for strengthening one’s memory and improving the brain’s mechanisms. The study of mnemonics refers to learning methods that help a person convert information into a specific structure that our mind would be better able to recall than its primary structure.

Initially, I had re-engaged in the study of math after university for the purpose of obtaining a high ranking in a preparatory exam in order to get into my favorite universit(ies) – which, because of their top rankings were often quite tricky to get into – to pursue my studies as an MBA student. But by the time I had decided to shift to the career continuation path instead of university certification and validation and deciding to start my own company, I had realized that math was a lovely language that could be often artistic and that I wanted to pursue its exploration even if for my sole amusement.

Mathematics gives one the ability to apply imagination to science which, after having done some reading on the subject, I found out was one of the things that characterized the computer revolution in the early early 1980s.

Reengaging with mathematics – just as it had with several renowned people in the past (as per general research on the subject) – stimulates creativity and can probably do so for everyone. The notion of imagination specifically as applied to technology is captivating as well and has aided several acclaimed innnovators create the most innovative products and services of our era.

 Image Credits: Parivartan Education World

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