It would be great to believe that inner beauty trumps physical looks, but the not-so-pretty truth is that people are visual by nature. When it comes to womens’ physical features, several studies suggest that most males around the globe have a preference for high cheekbones, full lips, small chins and an hourglass figure, the perfect picture of a beautiful woman being one with strong cheek bones, large eyes and a slim waist.

Universal Beauty

There are certain features that are generally accepted as constituting what most of us consider as “beautiful”. Let’s explore the origins of some of these features such as the hourglass figure, inflated lips, voluminous breasts, clear and soft skin, a symmetrical body and other feminine features. Most of these features originally were desired by men because they generally indicated that a woman was healthy, young and fertile enough to be able to successfully carry on the man’s genes.

Dartmouth College has researched universal facial attractiveness (UFA) traits and here are a few universally accepted traits of attraction:

Strong Cheekbones

Strong cheekbones progress in a person’s face as they grow and, for women, are usually an indicator that they have grown-up enough to be able to reproduce successfully. In terms of males, high cheekbones are generally indicators of high levels of testosterone which is why in several civilizations are seen as appealing facial features.

Full Lips

The fullness of the lips is one of the main features that differentiates women from men. Since thin lips – whether a woman was born with them or whether they became that way as a consequence of aging – reduce a woman’s femininity, sensuality and overall attractiveness, fuller lips are always considered as an attractive trait in women.

Big Eyes

Big eyes generally designate firm levels of estrogen; hormones that control and maintain several female physical traits. In addition to this, the clearness of the eyes is important as well; damp and unclear eyes can be indicators of sorrow and deformity.

Symmetrical Face & Body

Symmegtrical facial and body figures are generally considered indicators of propitious reproduction, a healthy immune system and good maturation.

Voluminous Breasts

Big breasts are sientifically known to be more attractive to most men. The origins of this attraction relates to big breasts being a sign of fertility, a.k.a they’re a good measuring tool for a woman’s reproductive potential.

Small Female Chins & Broad Male Chins

Males are conventionally considered as masculine when they have broad chins while woman are considered more feminine when the opposite is true.

The Hourglass Figure

Males are fond of women’s waists, so it’d be a good idea to show one. In the case where a woman’s waist in not in her advantage, styling it with clothes or using belts in the right way can certainly help.


People and woman in specific should comprehend that a healthful way of perceiving beauty is neither in ignoring it nor obssessing over it but rather putting enough energy into taking care of one’s appearance or else accept the consequences of neglecting to groom oneself properly.

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