How it works

What is Stylerail
Stylerail is a New York-based website that simplifies the sales process between online sellers and potential clients through a social media integrated marketplace.

Why should I join Stylerail?
Stylerail enables emerging fashion designers and boutiques to bypass conventional retail intermediaries and connect directly with their customers through a social-media integrated platform. At the same time, customers are exposed to new designs not available in traditional retail stores.

When is the official launch?
The beta web version is live. The official website however, won't be live until end July to mid August.

How much does it cost to join Stylerail? (coming soon)
Stylerail is free for both buyers and sellers to browse and list items for sale. We charge between a 5% and 10% comission fee only on sold items through Stylerail.

How long do items stay listed for sale on Stylerail? (coming soon)
if not updated, items posted for sale on Stylerail automatically expire after 3 months. An email will be sent to sellers asking whether or not they'd like to extend their listing(s).

What are the requirements to being a seller on Stylerail?
Anyone can be a seller on Stylerail. Our basic terms require that you display for sale items only relating to wearable fashion - including all kinds of garments, bags, makeup, accessories, jewelry and other wearables - and that you upload high quality images. Profanity, nudity and other violent content will result in account blocking and deletion. For full terms and conditions, visit and read our terms of conditions section.

Does Stylerail handle packaging and/or deliveries?
Stylerail does not handle neither packaging nor shipments, the sellers must handle these themselves.

What is your policy regarding damaged goods?
Any originally damaged or false-advertised item should be returned as soon as possible to the seller at the seller's expense and the seller should perform either an exchange or a refund. Any seller that does not abide by these rules should be reported and risks having his/her account banned.

What is your policy regarding returns and exchanges?
Refunds, returns and exchanges are at the discretion of the seller and should be mentioned in the shop or item's description fields.

How can I write blog posts on the Stylerail blog?
Our blog focuses on fashion in New York & around the world. If you think you have the right skills to blog on Stylerail about your experiences relating to the fashion world, you should apply to become a blogger and have the opportunity to post (with credit) on the Stylerail website by sending an email to

How does Stylerail generate traffic to its site?
We are using unique & innovative social media-integrated tools that utilize channels such as Twitter and Instagram to drive targeted traffic to the site. Our blog authors also publish biweekly blog posts about interesting fashion related articles and tips.

What brands are featured on Stylerail?
We don't specifically limit our site within specified brands at the moment.

How can I benefit from the Affiliate Marketing program? (coming soon)
If you have an account on Stylerail, you receive a certain amount of credit for each new user you've invited.