Frequently Asked Questions


For any questions, comments or concerns you have, we are here to help. Below are some FAQs that might help, otherwise please email or call us at +1-347-304-9255.


What is Stylerail?
Stylerail is an online marketplace through which people connect with, buy and sell unique fashion designer goods worldwide.

How can I sell on Stylerail?
You can simply register and start selling using the "sell an item" button located on the home page.

Where is Stylerail based?
Stylerail will be incorporated in the State of Delaware. Fashion designers from all around the world sell on Stylerail. We currently focus our marketing efforts mainly on the United States & Europe.

What type of items are sold on Stylerail?
Stylerail focuses on fashion designer goods not available on the high street.

How are sold items shipped to the consumers?
Items sold are shipped directly from the sellers' destinations to the buyers. If sellers do not accept to ship to certain locations, they should indicate so in their shop's description.

How are prices set?
Prices are set by the fashion designers themselves. Potential buyers can always try to negotiate a discount by sending a message to the seller.

Why should I sell on Stylerail?
Stylerail enables emerging fashion designers to bypass conventional retail intermediaries and connect directly with their customers through a social-media integrated platform. At the same time, customers are exposed to new designs not available in traditional retail stores.

How much does it cost to sell on Stylerail?
Regarding the cost of selling on Stylerail, it's absolutely free to list an unlimited number of items on the site. Stylerail takes a 5% success fee on sold items. Sellers additionally incur a standard PayPal fee of around 2-3% depending on the location of both buyer and seller.

What is the payment period for sellers on Stylerail once a purchase has been made?
Currently, when a purchase is made on Stylerail, the money is directly transferred to the seller. We might be changing this soon to an after-delivery payment whereby the payment gets received by the seller once the buyer indicates the item as "received" in its advertised state.

Is English the only language currently available?
Yes, for the time being. But we plan to add various language options in the future.


I found an item I would like to purchase however my size is not showing up. (coming soon)
Our website is in real time. All available sizes are displayed online. If your size is not showing up, it is unfortunately out of stock.

I'm so excited to receive my new items! How do I check the order status?
If you have an account please login first and then contact the designer from which you have made the purchase. Contact customer support if the designer does not respond within 1 week of your inquiry.

I changed my mind and want to cancel my order. How do I do that?
You may cancel an order at any time before the order ships in case the designer has indicated somewhere in the item's description or their profile that they accept cancellations. We recommend you cancel your order as soon as possible by contacting the seller.

Some items have descriptions where it says that the items are Pre-Order items. Can I order these Pre-Order items?
Pre-Order indicates the item is not currently in stock. However, you may still purchase the item. Just simply click 'add to cart' and complete the purchase process. You will receive the item according to the estimated arrival date indicated by the seller.

What happens if I am buying items from different designers at the same time?
Once you complete the order it will be divided into several orders that will each ship out according to each designer's indicated arrival dates.

I have ordered the wrong item/size by mistake. Can I edit my order?
Unfortunately, we are not able to change out the items in an order once the order has been placed. You can however kindly ask the designer to cancel an order for you at any point before it ships out. You can then place a new order for the correct product. To cancel an item you can log in to your account and contact the designer through the "contact seller" option.

How can I track my package?
It depends on the designer's shipping method. Standard Airmail shipping does not usually include tracking. Priority Mail International or Global Express usually features full tracking. If you choose Priority Mail International or Global Express, by contacting the seller, a tracking number might be provided to you once your package is shipped from the designer's warehouse. Contact the seller for these details.


How can I make a purchase on Stylerail?
Stylerail currently only accepts PayPal payements. Use any payment method on the growing list of ways to fund a PayPal account in your country. Once you have funded your PayPal account, you can use our single-click PayPal express feature to speed through checkout.

Are my payments safe on Stylerail?
All transactions submitted to use are encrypted with advanced software which encrypts information you input to protect it from interception by outside parties. Stylerail is committed to maintaining the highest levels of security and protection against fraud. We stay up-to-date with the latest in security technologies to ensure that your credit card information, contact information and shipping/billing information are confidential and safe.

Can you promise there will be no custom or duties when the package arrives?
All international packages can potentially incur charges upon their arrival in the destination country and those charges are solely determined by the arrival countries customs authorities. We cannot predict the amount of duties and taxes charged when using standard shipping. If you have other questions regarding duties and taxes in your country, please contact your local customs office.


Are duties and/or taxes included in the order total?
All duties and/or taxes are the responsibility of the customer and are not collected by Stylerail, nor are they included in the order total. Any applicable fees will be due upon delivery.

Based on past experience, what price range of an order will it lessen the chance to be taxed?
Customs policies vary by country, While in some countries packages with a higher value are more likely to incur fees, we are not able to confirm at what value. If you have questions regarding duties and taxes in your country, please contact your local customs office.

Does USPS Priority Mail International have a greater chance to be taxed by the custom than USPS Airmail?
Generally, Airmail is the least likely to get caught up at customs. However, only Priority International and Global Express shipping come with tracking.


How do I upload an item for sale on the stylerail website?
Just click the "sell an item" button located on the top of the home page and start filling out the item's details such as price, description and so on. Once you've filled all required fields and have uploaded at least 1 image, then you should click the save button and the item will be published!

How long do items stay listed for sale on Stylerail? (coming soon)
If not updated, items posted for sale on Stylerail automatically expire after 4 months. An email will be sent to sellers asking whether or not they'd like to extend their listing(s).

Auto-renew (coming soon)
You may choose to enable Stylerail's automatic renewals feature. The listings you select for automatic renewal will automatically renew at the end of each four-month listing period until you cancel automatic renewals. You may cancel automatic renewals at any time by selecting “Manual” instead of “Automatic” in the “Renewal Options” in the Listings Manager. Once you cancel, an item will only be listed until the end of the current listing period.

Does Stylerail accept wholesale apparel sellers?
Stylerail does not accept wholesale apparel sales.

What payment methods are accepted via Stylerail?
Only Paypal is used as a payment gateway as of now. We will be adding more credit card options soon such as MasterCard and Visa options.

Is there an option to select whether an item is for men's or women's collection?
We might be implementing this option sometime in the future. However, in the meantime, we suggest you mention in the item's title & description that it is in fact a men's or women's garment (E.g: Men's hooded jacket).

Will you be adding other clothing categories on Stylerail?
We are going to add more categories soon. In the meantime, we suggest that you select "outerwear" or any other category in the item category drop-down list and then mention in the item's title & description its' actual category.

Where does the majority of your visitors come from?
The majority of our visitors comes from United States & Europe.

How do products and sellers get listed on Stylerail?
Anyone who is a fashion designer and has high resolution images of his/her garments can sign up and start selling. Ratings and reviews are used to bring credibility to the sellers. In the future we'll be adding a verification icon for verified sellers.

What are the Stylerail best practices and image quality standards?

To make sure buyers get a good look at the item they're thinking about purchasing: Try to use a photo that is at least 1600 pixels on the longest side. However, we recommend you don't enlarge smaller images to make them 1600 pixels. The photos you use must be at least 500 pixels on the longest side.
You can upload photos in these file formats:
JPEG (.jpg file extension)
PNG (.png file extension)
TIFF (.tif file extension)
BMP (.bmp file extension)
GIF (.gif file extension)
If your photo is in JPEG format, it should have a quality of 90 or higher on the 0-99 JPEG quality scale. We then optimize it for display in your listing. Images shouldn't be larger than 2MB.
The dimensions should be as follows:
- Product Photos: 960x720 px
- Cover Photos: 1140x564 px
- Photos cannot have borders.
- Photos cannot have seller-added text or seller-added artwork.
- Listings must have at least one photo, but it is better to upload several thus displaying different views of the product.
- Upload a photo that shows the item's actual condition.
- Pictures that violate these requirements will be blocked from listing or will be subject to removal from the site after listing. Sellers who repeatedly violate the picture quality requirements may be subject to further administrative action, including selling restrictions and possible search demotion.
Adhering to these image requirements will allow you to:
- Attract more buyers to your listings and increase your sales with better quality pictures.
- Improve the search and shopping experience for buyers by meeting the picture quality requirements, and you may see higher detailed seller ratings and fewer cases against you.
Before you start the upload process, rename your photo files with names that will help you remember what they are, and put them in a folder on your computer where you can find them quickly and easily in case you need them again.
Don't use borders on your photos
Borders aren’t allowed on any of your photos. The only exception is if you have a “natural” border created by photographing your square or rectangular item against a neutral-colored backdrop.
No text or artwork on photos
No text or artwork (such as “Free shipping” or seller logos) may be added to photos. Copy that is essential to your listing should be placed in the title, subtitle, or item description.

What are the requirements to being a seller on Stylerail?
Selling on Stylerail is reserved for fashion designers. Our basic terms require that you only display items that are wearable fashion and that are physically available for sale - including all kinds of garments, bags, makeup, accessories, jewelry and other wearables - and that you upload high quality images.

What kind of content is banned on Stylerail?
It is prohibited to display in any way your email address on the Stylerail website for security reasons. Profanity, nudity and other violent content will result in account blocking and deletion. For full terms and conditions, visit and read our terms of conditions section.

We have two separate brands. Should we create two different accounts?
You are free to display several brands in the same shop. It's usually simpler for sellers to manage a single account instead of several accounts. But then again, if you have different brands that cater to different niches, then you might want to set up different shops so as to give each brand a unique identity.

What brands are featured on Stylerail?
We don't specifically limit our site within specified brands at the moment. Our basic terms require that the items be fashion designer goods however.

How can I change my country?
If you go to the "Account" page and click on "Profile", you will see at the bottom of the page a drop-down list which you can use to select your country. You can start typing in the country name instead of scrolling. For example, typing "United States" will make that country show up.

Why is my shipping and payment information not showing up correctly?
Our team is reviewing the payment and shipping duplication case thoroughly and working hard to attempt to pinpoint the reasons leading to this error. This is clearly a mistake from our side and we take full responsibility for it.
However, any additional information from your side, including the scenario that took place before and after this error occurred would be very helpful in helping us solve this case.
In our attempt to retain you as one of our valuable users, we are proposing for you to simply indicate your shipping method in the description field for the time being until we get this problem fixed.


Is it fine to take pre-orders for items from customers?
Yes, as long as you clearly indicate an accurate shipping date in each item's description and are able to deliver on time.


Does Stylerail handle packaging and/or deliveries?
Stylerail does not handle neither packaging nor shipments, the sellers must handle these themselves.


What is your policy regarding damaged goods?
Any originally damaged or false-advertised item should be returned as soon as possible to the seller at the seller's expense and the seller should perform either an exchange or a refund. Any seller that does not abide by these rules should be reported and risks having his/her account banned.

What is your policy regarding returns and exchanges?
Refunds, returns and exchanges are at the discretion of the seller and should be mentioned in the shop or item's description fields.


How can I contribute to blog posts on the Stylerail blog?
Our blog focuses on fashion tips and inspirations. If you think you have the skills to contribute to the Stylerail blog with articles relating to the fashion world, you should send a draft article and get the chance to have it published on Stylerail by sending an email to

How can I get featured as a fashion designer on the Stylerail blog?
You need to have a registered shop and some items for sale on Stylerail in order to be considered as a fashion designer for our blog profiles. It's free to get featured on our blog. Requests are considered by our team. Get in touch with us on with this request once you have an up and running shop on Stylerail.

Does Stylerail deal with fashion bloggers for marketing and PR purposes?
Stylerail does not deal directly with fashion bloggers at the time being since it does not own any of the items listed on the website.


How can I benefit from the Affiliate Marketing program? (coming soon)
If you have an account on Stylerail, you receive a certain amount of credit for each new user you've invited.


Do you accept or display advertisements on the Stylerail website?
We don't currently accept or display advertisements on the Stylerail website. But we will make sure to announce it if and when we do.