May, 28
by Mo Houston

Why You Need to Improve Your Shade Game.

They're more than an accessory. They're a lifestyle necessity.

Why You Need to Improve Your Shade Game.

If you haven't noticed, that sensitive bit of skin right below your eyes that sometimes bags out when you're sleep deprived, is quite damageable from overexposure to sunlight. So not only do shades prevent crows feet as we will squint less in the daylight, but the eye bags will retain their elasticity longer and retain a youthfullness. All in thanks to the helpful UV blockers found in shades. Those rays won't corrupt and mutate our cells and instead of bags under the eyes, you'll look well rested for longer.

This summer we'll see an infinite color selection: Lenses aren't just dark and then uber-dark this season. They range from rose tints to ridiculously reflective iridium. (Which is a colorfully mirrored effect you might already be familiar with). With the rainbow of colors on the lenses increasing you should become accustomed with more structural and wiry frames. With trends like steampunk, the wideset frames of the 70s, and structured minimalism really taking center stage. Or should I say center face? Along with the colorful spectrum of lenses is their flattering friend, the clear frame. With ear pieces and lens holder being translucent, you don't have to fret about unsightly tan lines stretching from the corner of your eye to the bridge of your ears. Clear frames are also a great option for loud clothing choices or people with tiny faces.

Besides the healthy benefits of shades... can we touch base on the coolness factor? Talk about an effortless chic. Shades know how to make you look like a responsible sunbather and also up your style-meter by atleast 10 points. Which is not a scientifically based equation but rather a social guestimation that will have individually based outcomes. They can make your face look real cool, but it's up to you to BE cool. 




Written by: Mo Houston


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