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Why to choose a GOT themed Britain tour this time!

Never heard of ‘Game of Thrones’ or not a fan much? No problem! Just don’t say that on the internet. A couple thousand of hate mails and comments would decorate your inbox. Don’t worry, just kidding! Jokes apart if you have not yet decided on where to go or why to choose a theme this time, then here are your answers straight form this fantasy world for you to go gaga in GOT style without even watching it! When you do travel to Britain, make this tour a part of your itinerary.

Why to choose a GOT themed Britain tour this time!

1- Wistman’s woods: Heart trees of Winterfell

Britain boasts of many manmade beauties in terms of castles and antiquity. Cock-a-hoop is that its oak trees resemble the ‘Heart trees’ (religious sort of trees in GOT). Situated in a hovering manner on the Dart River, this forest area is now a nature reserve. Adders add to its poisonous beauty as they form the only venom carrying specie of snake in England here. If you are imaginative enough then you may also find your own version of ‘Lord of the Rings’ forest here too.

Fairy alert: The area is haunted by pixies, so better be on your guard!

2-Shell Grotto, Margate Kent: The ‘moon door’ opening to ‘Hall of faces’

Just to inform you that the moon door (a sort of a bottomless courtroom well in GOT) was used to persecute people by throwing them in it which is considered unfathomable in the show. Shell Grotto is close to its structure but upside down and opens into its own version of ‘Hall of Shells’ where numerous faces are drawn of that of gods and goddesses. It is not known who built it and why. But the unique structure it exhibits mounts a plethora of shells throughout the mosaic– mussels, cockles, whelks, limpets, scallops and oysters, being largely local. It remains a mystery whether it was a Christian site or a Pagan cult hide out. You would get a vague idea on why the ‘Hall of faces’ would come next in comparison to Shells grotto, once you visit this underground tunnels. They bare an experience of a lifetime because- ‘You are no one’ (Courtesy - GOT).

The ‘High gardens’ of Exbury

The Rothschild Family share one thing in common with the fictional world of High Gardens in GOT- love of plants and flowers. Exbury gardens are quite a marvel where numerous species of decorative plants and aromatic flowers in Hampshire, Southern England thrive. Rock garden, Sundial walk and Hydrangea walk are its spots of exotic beauty. Heading west towards Warminster, we can get lost in the Longleat hedge maze bushing there. Located between Bath and Salisbury, this maze and these gardens is a replica to what traits mark one of the two prominent layout structure of the House of Tyrells ‘High Gardens’ in GoT.

“You need to come south, you need a taste of summer before it flees’’.

So, stop fretting over your weight distribution hitch and appreciate the off-screen beauty of places that made this marvel called Game of Thrones possible.




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