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Why People of Every Age of Moving to Charlotte

It’s not just millennials that are flocking to Charlotte – it’s everyone. Charlotte is rated one of the fastest growing cities in the US and one of the best places to live in the US. And, it’s easy to see why. Charlotte has tons of job opportunities and entertainment options. To put it simply, it is an affordable and fun place to live.

Why People of Every Age of Moving to Charlotte

The job market is expanding

One of the main reasons people are moving to Charlotte is for jobs. The headquarters of several major companies, such as Bank of America and American Airlines, call Charlotte home. As in most large cities, there are plenty of job opportunities. However, the average household income is above the national average, which means individuals have the potential to earn more than they would elsewhere. 

The schools are fantastic

Families with young children have the choice between public, private, magnet, or charter schools in Charlotte. The public magnet schools have received several awards, and the graduation rate in Charlotte is above the national average. In addition to primary education, there are many colleges and universities, such as the University of North Carolina, in the Charlotte area.

There are four seasons

Those living in Charlotte get to enjoy four true seasons. Summers are full of sunshine and heat. Falls are full of autumn leaves and changing colors. Winters include a drop in the temperatures and the occasional snow. Spring greets the locals with fresh flowers blooming. And, while Charlotte does have a true winter, it is not too cold for too long. 

The location is perfect

Charlotte has a perfect location. It is within driving distance of other major cities like Atlanta and Raleigh. But, it is also just a short drive from the ocean and the mountains. Locals can drive to either vacation destinations and arrive before lunchtime. In addition, Charlotte is home to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, so it is easy to fly abroad. 

There are endless entertainment options

Home to several major sporting teams, Charlotte offers locals the opportunity to cheer on their favorite teams all year long. Plus, Charlotte also has outstanding music venues, wonderful museums, and beautiful art galleries. Charlotte is also home to the Carowinds theme park and the US National Whitewater Center. If that is not enough, there are tons of community events and festivals around the Charlotte Metro area all year long.

The housing market is affordable

While the booming job market and the increasing population does mean the cost of living is rising in Charlotte, the housing market is still affordable. In Charlotte, you can easily afford an amazing home within your budget. According to Kerry Singe, “Even though home prices are at a new peak, the $185,000 median sales price in the metro region is still affordable when compared to other markets in the country.”

The food scene is excellent.

While Charlotte is traditionally associated with barbecue, the food scene in Charlotte Is full of culinary delights. From high-end cuisine to unique food trucks, the locals never go hungry. Plus, there are plenty of diverse options available.

The people are friendly

Finally, people are moving to Charlotte because the people are friendly. The South is known for its manners, and the Queen City does not disappoint. You should expect to be greeted kindly by strangers and have others offer to help you readily. As soon as you arrive, you can expect to be welcomed with a “Hey y’all!” and a glass of sweet tea.

Sounding mighty nice, right? 


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