October, 24
by RT

Why nobody says the truth about SEO

When I first started practicing and studying search engine optimization...

Why nobody says the truth about SEO

And before I ever had built my own link building agency, I had so many straight questions that I thought that I could get easy answers via search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. As it turns out, it wasn’t as simple as I thought. Although I found a lot of useful resources and information online, very few of them gave me straight-to-the-point answers to questions like the following:

  • How to differentiate a PBN site from a non-PBN site?
  • How can you tell if a website is a Private Blog Network?
  • Can PBN sites benefit your website if used correctly?

And so on…

While some websites and online resources tried to cover these topics and/or answers to the aforementioned questions in an honest manner, most popular sites and resources contended to give vague and non-conclusive answers in marge articles obviously put together to attract traffic to their sites. After realizing this issue over and over again, I concluded that it must be in some way frowned upon or perhaps even perceived as unethical to disclose the “dodgy” or even maybe unethical parts of SEO link building, even though I was convinced - at least at the time - that it was somewhat of an insane theory, that these blogs and resources were perhaps purposely holding back information from me as well as from other knowledge-seeking SEO enthusiasts, out of fear of competition. While this last theory sounded insane in my own head, it also made perfect sense. After all, if all SEO related companies divulged all of their information and knowledge about search engine optimization, how would they be able to ensure that people did not start to perform their own SEO instead of relying on SEO companies?

Eventually, I was convinced that in order for one to be as successful as possible in their SEO strategies, they must use online resources with a grain of salt, or else in combination with trial and error. This is not as easy as it sounds taking into consideration the ongoing changes in Google's algorithms both the publically announced ones as well as the ones that nobody tells you about.

There are no guarantees in SEO

The thing with SEO is that there are no guarantees, and that is something that I try to explain to some of my clients, sometimes without success. I understand when someone thinks "Why should I pay for something without any guaranteed results, with only estimates and assumptions?". My answer often is "Well, because that is how SEO works, and if anyone SEO expert tries to tell you otherwise or tries to guarantee results, you can bet that the person is winging it or risking his company's own reputation in the process. This is true in my opinion, because, although you can accurately predict, sometimes to a 70%+ accuracy, you can not be 100% certain.


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