June, 23
by Mo Houston

What Makes a Style Icon?

With an ever-expanding source of inspiration, from magazines, bloggers, the silver screen, retailers, and Instagram, the media has a way of shaping our opinions on fashion. But, as the consumer, we can shape the industry simply by approval and rejection.

What Makes a Style Icon?

And with methods being as easy as hitting or dissing the "like" button, we have our own means of accepting people linked to the fashion industry. With a specific look at these style savvy ladies, it's easier to understand who we look to as style-setters and why their take on fashion influences our shopping bags. 

Fashion is opinion based, however, it is an industry. This industry thrives off of a collective idea of what's hot and what's not. (I use catchy sayings only when it gives me a thrill to do so, and this is a fitting scenario) There are certain people who tend to influence the mass majority of fashion consumers, who happen to be high-profile women. Their styles are snapped and plasetered across the internet and into the streams of the social media we thrive off of. Now, more so than before, looks are becoming everyday streetwear faster than before, because the stream of influence is quicker and more easily navigated for the consumer. We can easily search our style icons; those who represent the epitome of our style dreams.

1. Posh. Theres something to be said about the level of control of Kerry Washington and her personal style. Her look both on screen and off is a statement of poise and of class. If your social life is very much intwined with your work-sphere, this classy lady has narrowed in on the chic and professional look that'll take you from the office out to dinner without looking like you've come from the ol' 8 hour.

image: http://www.2hilarious.com/blog/2013/01/31/kerry-washington-invitee-de-the-view/

2. Trending Knowledge. Olivia Palermo is the styling guru of knowing knew brands, promoting exciting designers and editing, editing, and editing. Her voice is one of influence simply becuase the fashion industry happens to be her world. Her style reflects well-made, it reflects a passion and a knowledge of pieces that speak volumes on their own and do well in many wardrobes. Her job is to showcase the versatility of the pieces she wears, because walking on the street is her time on the clock. 

3. Punk Funk. The age of rocker chic did not lose it's influence after high school and college. Gwen Stefani has a way of taking the fierce aspect of an entire genre of music and influence style goers in more ways that just their stereo tunes. Her approach to patterns, menswear, and graphics puts her influence amongst the controlled rebels. 


4. Entertainment Value. Sometimes we idolize the chaos, and the risk taking of our idols. Rihanna's style reminds us that fashion is a fun and exciting form of expression that takes us through our daily lives. Her voice has no limit, vocally or stylically that will define her. She's an icon because her clothes are never predicatable and never disapointing. 


5. The Cool Girl. Emma Stone's icon status is because she works street chic, busy girl, funky personailty vibes. She dives into the world of texture and pattern effortlessly when the event arises, but walks the world on a daily basis in a soft color palette of tees, chambray and denim.




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