July, 26
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What is image resolution and why do online sellers need to worry about it?

In the event that you've been around since the start of digital photography, you probably see the amount of advancement we've made. Nowadays, models make the first advanced cameras look extraordinarily poor, mainly because of resolution.

What is image resolution and why do online sellers need to worry about it?

For a great deal short of what you would have paid in those days, you can get a digital camera with a much higher resolution. Does that mean your pictures will be that much better? To answer that question, we have to comprehend what resolution really means.

Consider resolution the picture's quality. Put very simply, resolution is the quailty of the picture. As the resolution increases, the picture turns out to be all the more clear. It gets to be sharper, more defined, and more detailed too.

Why would that be? Because there's more data in the same little space. Your PC, tablet and your phone both have picture resolutions. There is a sure number of dots (i.e. pixels) in the space that is the screen. To put it in basic terms, the more dots you stick into the width and height of the screen, the higher the resolution. The less dots, the lower the resolution.

75% of people admitted during a survey, that they found the images of a product to be their main reason for either purchasing or not purchasing the product. The most important factors when shopping online are: Viewing a large image, having more than 1 image for each product and finally being able to view different sides of the product.

We recommend our online sellers to read the following post that gives great insight into what buyers look for when shopping online: http://www.pixelz.com/blog/using-product-images-on-ecommerce-site/ 


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