May, 30
by Mo Houston

We All Need More Gems.

Statements should be bold. But more importantly, they should be worn. Which is why the artistic statement pieces from Toby Lynn Gems are as intricate and unique as they are artistically beautiful.

We All Need More Gems.

The jewel wielding creative genius herself, Toby Fischer, is the producer of one of a kind pieces that dazzle as much as they intrigue. Her craftsmanship utilizes the precious depth of stones, crystals, and of course. Diamonds. Her work is not subtle, becuase she believes women are wonderfully unique creatures that choose to adorn their bodies with comparably bold pieces. You may have noticed from the strongly geometric metal working, and awe-inducing gem choices that Toby Lynn Gems creates one of a kind pieces that have been strongly influenced by the Art Deco period. That period, if you'd forgotten, was a celebration. A time when newness was abundant, things were being built with a bold permanence that combined industrial strength with artisitc expression. The jewelry was a continuation of that industrial momentum, where new jewels, and new metals could be intertwined like never before. With Toby Lynn Gems that mindset continues, she brings with her craft an elegance which mends sturdy statement pieces with the intricacy of feminine details. The gems are fresh and vibrant, from earlobe dangling jewels, to finger blinging crisscrossed diamonds. This designer knows how to make a statement. 


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