March, 13
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Using Drones to Build Close Knit Families

Parent-Child Hobbies That Teach Life skills
As a parent, it is more important now more than ever that you recognize the great rewards that come with spending time with your children. Hobbies stimulate a sense of well-being and contentment. Having shared hobbies opens the door to good self-esteem as well as social and cognitive development in children. These hobbies are a great way for you to begin to establish that presence in your child’s life.

Using Drones to Build Close Knit Families


If you have not been bestowed with the ability to draw, sculpt or paint; then photography may be the art form for you. It enables you both to capture beautiful moments and share it with each other. This hobby also gives you the chance to teach how to pay attention to detail and how to work well with others. 


Photography is also a hobby that can be brought anywhere you go, and the kids will enjoy mastering the art together. Advancements in technology allows you to combine this hobby with others such as using drones to go exploring wildlife or even to take an aerial view of your neighborhood. The memories made and the lessons both taught and learnt will last the family for a lifetime.


Drone use while Travelling

The idea of travelling can be a daunting one, having to pack everything you will need and lug these heavy cases around an airport may not be that appealing… especially if children must be considered. It is much easier to pack the kids into the car, pick a spot on the map and take a quick ride over. 


While driving, an open lot or empty field or a stretch of beach may be spotted. This would be the perfect time to pull over and create new memories. If your child needs practice in piloting, this wide-open space is the best area to hand over the drone controls and teach the little one a few stunts and trick moves you picked up along the way. 

Having a relationship with an involved and supportive parent shapes how children will develop, the qualities that they will exemplify throughout their lifetime and the impact that they will make on society.


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