May, 23
by RT

Uncovering fake account

There are several ways of discovering fake accounts. Below we will discuss some of these strategies.

Uncovering fake account

Whether you have doubts about the credibility of a certain account, or simply want to make sure that a certain Instagram account that has been harassing you is authentic, there are several simple technique that will give you a general idea about the authenticity of an account.

Option 1. Use an Instagram completeness tool

The following Instagram information completeness tool assesses the information in a person’s Instagram account to give you an idea about the authenticity of the account. If the account does not have any followers or followings or any posts, usually the below tool will tell you that this is either a freshly created account or a fake account that could have well been created using a bot.

Instagram completeness tool

Option 2. Manually analyze their followers and followings 

Manually analyzing the Instagram account’s followed and followings can give you an estimated guess about whether an account is managed by a real person or a bot. Accounts that have been created or are being managed by bots or automated tools usually have either 0 followers and followings (possibly except for your account) or fake followers and followings.  


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