November, 03
by RT

Top Upwork Tips For Freelancers

I'm not sure if you will agree with my tips, but, as an Upwork freelancer for the past 6 months, I've summed up some of my biggest Upwork Tips below. They'll be helpful to anyone working on Upwork or thinking about joining as a freelancer.

Top Upwork Tips For Freelancers

Don't take jobs you don't have the skills for

"Do not take a job if you don't think you can meet most of the client's expectations or exceed them because this might result in bad reviews for you"


Go for hourly pay for certain types of projects

"If you're working on projects such as influencer outreach, certain writing projects or website development, always go for hourly rates instead of fixed, because different niches require different periods of time to get results, and so it will be hard for you to price yourself fairly in a fixed project"


Refund bad clients to avoid bad reviews

"Try to refund clients who have given you bad feedback or reviews, if there is no way to convince them to change their minds (by offering additional work, that is)"


Make sure the client has all the information

Some clients are in a hurry to get you started on a project without paying attention to what you can offer them, which in turn, sometimes results in differing expectations. To avoid this, make sure you communicate well with your client to make sure you can fulfill his expectations.


Finally, Upwork helps you grow your skills and as you're working with different clients on different projects, you learn your own lessons along the way.

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