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Time to discover 5 less traveled European destinations!

Okay! Okay! You tied your padlock on Paris’ famous Pont des Arts bridge and bragged about it when you threw away your key in the Sienne. But, you know what France put an end to that ‘lovelock’ tradition two years ago. So, sorry this time it’s a nada for... God knows how long! But you still want to try something of the kind, right?

Time to discover 5 less traveled European destinations!

Then let’s get going on where you need to drive this time! 

1- Riga, Latvia

The awe of the largest and the best buildings in the Old city of Riga vouch for the surprising elements that would astonish you on your lesser knowledge about Europe. Its stature can be gauged by the number of buildings marked as heritage sites declared by UNESCO. Its economical boom in the 19th century made it possible to become the Cultural capital of Europe in 2014. The Baltic Sea near Riga’s coast with its scenic & natural Sigulda welcomes you to tour Ligatne paper mill or Jurmala (seaside riviera) and witness the briny looking waters.

2- Krakow, Poland

Situated below Latvia and heading towards Poland, Krakow has grown from a Stone Age settlement to the second most important city of Poland. Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture makes it an idiosyncratic place to travel. Castles and the famous medieval market square, the Rynek Glowny, guide you to its antiquity. Also, it’s dark past of the Nazi concentration camps makes us think on how blind dictatorship does no good at all.

3- Prague, Czech Republic

After the seas, Prague welcomes you with its gorgeous buildings on the Vltava river to quench your thirst for beer. Hosting a beer festival every year, don’t try to gulp all the 70 types of beer on display to relish in the gala. And yes, the summers and winters are equally beautiful. Heading next from Prague, another equally awe-inspiring country awaits. 

4- Budapest, Hungary

Don’t forget to manage your weight distribution hitch (in case you hired an RV) and refrain from splitting on the Danube. Hungary is always hungry to profess about its past dwellings. Allow yourself to immerse in the feeling you would get of The London Bridge on the famous Chain Bridge, connecting the antique Buda castle with the modern city. The dirt cheap pricing of things makes it an ideal alternative to costly Europe.

5- Dubrovnik, Croatia

The walled city on the Adriatic belt came into limelight because of Game of Thrones’ episodes being shot here extensively. Unlike Paris, where people tie locks for their unbreaking love, Croatia has an entire menagerie dedicated to shattered bonds in museum of broken relationships, Zagreb, making an ideal stoppage to roam in the capital. Limestone walls dating back to 12th century exhibit every external influence on the city. Mesmerising sunsets from the cliffs will make your travel feel wanting for more.

Don’t forget to make memories and click yourself at the right time. But remember, true happiness is not counted in numbers and photos.

Goodluck traveling!






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