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The Ultimate Comfortable Mattress in a Box for 2020 and Beyond!

To enjoy a blissful and relaxing night’s sleep is an experience each one of us dreams of enjoying. Unfortunately, we usually wake up either with a stiff neck, hurting back or aching shoulder joints when we get out of bed in the morning. We seldom blame the mattress that we slept on through the night. However, more often than not, the mattress is the actual cause and if that’s your problem, you really need to shop around for a comfortable one to sleep on. There’s a huge variety of affordable mattresses out there to choose from.

The Ultimate Comfortable Mattress in a Box for 2020 and Beyond!

The Best of the Best Mattress in a Box for Your Comfort

For a mattress to be of ultimate quality it needs to be embellished with superb features that can offer perfect comfort, durability, longevity and an online friendly purchasing process. What mattress in a box fits these outstanding qualities? We have taken a look at the Amerisleep AS3, a mattress made from plant extracted materials. It’s packed with fluffy and soft foam that conforms to every curvature of your body resulting in a comfortable deep sleep. Specialized technology adds an extra bonus to your comfort zone by cushioning pressure exerted by you, causing a kind of ‘floating on the cloud’ sensation during sleep.

Despite the presence of many other competitors vying for first spot the brand has established itself as the undisputed all-time greats in mattress craftsmanship and it looks like it will continue to wear the crown for many years to come. The brand made its entrance on the market in 2007 and over a short span of only 12 years won the undisputed reputation of being the very best among all the mattresses that have appeared on the market so far.

The main reason for this achievement has been the brand’s conscious awareness of what they have produced. They haven’t just crafted together an ordinary mattress to sell, rather, they have produced a superb mattress in a way that no other brand has ever done. How? They test their mattresses through a rigorous 100-day program where each mattress is used over that time and results are analyzed to ascertain the impact on the mattress and the user alike. Did the users suffer from stiffness of the neck, back, shoulder joints? Did they sleep comfortably? How did they feel?     

They not only test their own product themselves but they go the extra mile by providing potential buyers with a whopping 20-year warranty. I mean you usually hear of 6 months or one year and even two or three-year warranties. But 20 years? For a mattress? Doesn’t it sound a little weird?  Well apparently not to the people who actually crafted and tested the Amerisleep AS3.  They are absolutely confident of their product and are willing to stake their reputation on it.  So how would you personally feel when you discover a mattress that has been fully tested and backed by a 20-year warranty? I think the answer speaks for itself.

The Amerisleep AS3

What is even more amazing about the Amerisleep AS3 is its uncanny ability to regulate body temperature. A mattress that controls body heat?  How? The entire mattress frame is covered by four layers of different types of fabrics that contain special substances. The first layer is called Bio-Pur®, which cushions pressure, and made of friendly breathing foam extracted from plant substances that emit a more agreeable smell than traditional foam. The second fabric layer Celliant’s® recycles body heat emitted during sleep turning it into infrared light which is absorbed by the body cooling it and prolongs deep restful sleep in the process. The Celliant’s® and Bio-Pur® fabrics work together to give Amerisleep AS3 its uniqueness of function and resulting comfort. The third layer


It is known as the HIVE® which provides support for the spine by aligning the body into the most appropriate sleeping positions. The final layer called the Bio-Core® foam maintains the structure and durability of the mattress so that it’s longevity during use is maintained.

A list of five other attractive mattresses has been displayed alongside Amerisleep AS3 which includes the Zoma Sports Mattress – specifically made for athletes; the Nolah 10” with additional cushioning strength; the Alexander Signature Hybrid with infused copper for a cool and comfortable sleep and the Original Purple with even greater pressure cushioning capability. While these brands tout their own special features, they fail to really match the outstanding features that characterize the impeccable leader of mattresses, the Amerisleep AS3.


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