May, 22
by Mo Houston

The Tassel.

There are few timeless staples in the world of fashion where the season, the designer, and the buyer dictate what stays and what must go. But some fashions, and there are few, earn the recognition of a "fashion staple".

The Tassel.

Most ornamental things have their limitations. They are restricted to certain places in the home, or parts of the body, or see daylight only once a year on whichever holiday it is that they coordinate with. One exception is The Tassel. It has aged better than blue jeans and has accesorized almost as many things (human and furniture alike) as the common thread.  Its longevity has been surpassed only by fur and leather▬which it happens to pair splendidly with. Being both a practical solution of binding together thread, or a collection of chains held together with a clasp, even a series of leather strips knotted off among one another. This little doodad is rightfully a "staple" in fashion simply because it is a social butterfly. It adapts to the times much like its rare closet staple brethren. But, unlike the little black dress, the trench, the stiletto, and quite possibly the diamond, this tassel knows no limitations of use. Just scroll, and you'll understand.

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