April, 13
by RT

The Kardashian Clan- How The World Fueled the Sex Tape Built Dynasty

How a sex tape not only built a media empire and billionaire family, but changed the way we approach body images, appearances, and sex, forever.

The Kardashian Clan- How The World Fueled the Sex Tape Built Dynasty

In 2007 the world was introduced to the family come to known today as the reality V royal family. The Kardashians hit reality TV show “Keep Up with the Kardashians” launched in 2007, and along with it, so too did their careers, fame, popularity, power, wealth, and influence. Today the Kardashians are the most famous people on the planet. A money-making octopus, they have their business tentacles dipped into every industry from fashion to marketing, social media, cosmetics, and even law. And to think, all this fame, this prestige, and influence, all of it stemmed from a sex tape, starring the queen bee of the Kardashian clan herself, Kim Kardashian.

During the early years of the Kardashian rise to fame and power, many people were surprised how a sex tape could skyrocket any individual to such fame. But as time whitewashed the memory of the sex tape, and business success replaced adult-website streaming numbers, fewer people became fixated with the sex tape itself, and more on the Kardashian allure, the glamour, and the mystique. And so, upon taking a closer look at the reasons behind the ginormous fame of the Kardashian’s, you can tell that it was less about any sex tape and more about the shallowness of the people watching it. Kim Kardashian and the kingpin Kriss Jenner were able to take the sex tape -otherwise embarrassing footage to have leaked- and turned it into the cornerstone of the mega empire they now run today. 

They were able to mount financial wealth after financial wealth, to the point where Kim Kardashian is now a billionaire. But it’s not only their financial accolades that is the jaw-dropped revelation. It’s a fact that has been able to influence so many social issues in their rise to unadulterated power. They’ve molded the social perception of women’s physique, and what it means for women to be attractive. That explains why more and more women are rushing to get lip fillers, or butt implants, or a bevy of the other plastic surgery menu items that we’ve seen any one of the Kardashians use to alter their physical appearance to match that of their own clan identity. 

Physical alteration isn’t the only social onus and influence that they changed for women worldwide. They also mightily dimmed down, and dumbed-down, women’s aspirations and goals. They made it popular to parade on Instagram and Facebook half-naked. They popularized promiscuous posing for likes and interactions. They made it popular to be flashy, flamboyant, oftentimes skanky, and a flat-out hussy.  It was popular because they were doing it. And they filmed themselves doing it. And they made obscene money off of it. And as little girls watched on, they perceived that this was the formidable thing to do. Because our society paid for this content. We ate it up with our morning cereal. So much so that the Kardashian reality Tv show ran on for 20 seasons! For almost 15 years the Kardashian peddled the same scripted and senseless content that we ate up every bit of. The time they spent off-camera, they spent selling us the merchandise and sponsorships that we also consumed. 

It was a never-ending cycle of mind-altering, dull garbage promoted and paid for by us, meant to manipulate us, that has had lasting effects on the mindsets of many people. Today body image and perception have changed dramatically amongst women and little girls. Sexual expectations and desires have dramatically changed amongst men and little boys. The Kardashian sex tape business blueprint has led to the rise of social media fame and soft-porn apps like Only Fans capable of making any teenage girl a millionaire. It’s not a bad thing to get paid. But as a female, why pursue careers in engineering and medicine, when the easier, and the sleazier route is not only more enticing, but the blueprint has been provided to you?  

Today, some people aren’t even aware of a sex tape, and it is the root cause of the Kardashian success. These people simply see the Kardashians as the business savvy entrepreneurs who perfected the Ad mantra “sex sells”. But we all know that’s not entirely the case. The Kardashian fame spans timelines that have allowed them to shed their sex tape past like old skin. However, their success is not about any individual talent. It’s about a sex tape, yes. But more so, it’s about a business savvy, shrewd, and meticulous individual who saw a way to turn a tragedy into an opportunity. And it’s also about timing.  At the entry point of the internet era, and the peak of pop culture, came a marketing product so good, that our feeble minds couldn’t help pass up. And it’s about us, the consumers. And the standards we have for ourselves. We ate up every last bit of the product we were given and paved the way to have our world’s flipped upside down, to the incomprehensible, unrecognizable, social media mess that we live in today.


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