May, 20
by Mo Houston

Style Essential.

Personal style is essentially an identity choice. One that can look to fashion trends to inspire, not define.

Style Essential.

It is difficult not to be smitten with people who embrace a personal style. What we place on our bodies is a reflection of our personalities. Every midriff should be conscious of how it's representing its body. Each foot that glides through the doorway must be aware of the standard it is setting for the remaining entity attached to it. There's a reputation that accompanies every piece of clothing and when we place them together, we're telling a story. Our wardrobes are an extension of ourselves, of where we've been and especially of where it is we're going.  Each piece we add to our collection is a modification of how the world will understand us and especially how we ourselves want to be seen. Clothing and the wonderful accessories we place on ourselves are a clarification of our personal tales, and how we want to visually tell them.

Some Trending Inspiration:

Graphic Tees:  This summer staple will be paired casually with the it's timeless buddy, the blue jean. But also, prepare to see it tone down more formal pieces, giving edge to class.

70s Fashion: Whether we're refering to the warmer color scheme, the turtlenecks, or the return of flare pants, the 70s have returned not with a vengeance but a nostalgic passion eager to create new memories.

The Wrap Sandal: This summer staple will be the facelift-addicted summer shoe, knowing no bounds of heel height, sole type, fabric preference, or foot flexibility. If it's a sandal, and a wrap tie can be placed on it. My goodness, it will be done.    

Menswear Inspired Pieces: The two piece suit, oversized button-downs, slim oxfords, loafers, and trenches will all be tailored to the warmer season. With knee length vests and sleeveless trenches all adjusting to a life once again lived mostly outdoors.

Sheer Play:  Sheerness takes a more refined approach this season with the peek-a-boo fabric choice revealing shoulders, arms, and upper backs the skin baring sections utilized as space for structure and pattern.

Metallic: The glamorous shine of metallic will be seen on leather, in graphic type, utilized in prints, and especially emphasized in our jewelrly choices. Look for delicate pieces to be paired with busy patterns and bolder accessories to be offset with simplistic pieces.

Patterns: They are bold, colorful, geometric and found on everything from stilletos to trousers. 

Denim on Denim: The cotton textile God will continue it's reign. Often being paired with none other than itself. When blue jeans aren't enough, throw on a chambray top only to experiment with slim fit, sleeveless, and all the different washes.


Remember, trends are guidelines of encouragment. They are gallery wrapped canvas ready for the hanging, but you're the one with the vision to set them apart from the rest of the portraits.


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