April, 30
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Searching for Outdoor Adventures in Minnesota? Head to the Farms!

Instead of doing the same nature trails and hiking expeditions...

Searching for Outdoor Adventures in Minnesota? Head to the Farms!

Try something new on your next outdoor adventure and book a local farm tour. Outdoor enthusiasts often forget about the numerous farms open for tours and guest visits. Minnesota is home to over 73000 farms, many of which are open to the public. In these unique settings, you can get up close to nature, learn first-hand what farm life is like today, and give farms dealing with the dicamba lawsuit some support.

Farm Tours are Educational

No one leaves a farm tour without learning something. Farm tours are fun and educational. For instance, in Minnesota, there are livestock and crop farms. Depending on which farm tour you visit, you will be able to learn the various ways farms support our livelihoods. For example, some farm tours offer you the opportunity to see where your food comes from.

The Farm to Table Meal Experiences are Extraordinary

Many of the local farms give guests a chance to buy their goods making it easy to make a delicious farm to table meal at home. As more and more people are becoming health conscious, it is more desirable to eat meals that are locally sourced or come directly from farms. On a farm tour, you can find out which local restaurants get their goods from the farm.

Local Farmers Need Your Support

Finally, the main reason to go on a Minnesota farm tour is to provide the local farmers much needed support. Many people do not realize there are farmers in the local community whose crops suffered from dicamba drift. While local lawyers are working to aid these farmers with the dicamba lawsuit, they still need your help. For example, Minnesota lost around 300 farms in 2017. Paying to go on a farm tour or simply purchasing goods from a local farm makes a substantial difference.


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