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Record Breaking Treats

Attaining a Guinness World Record comes with recognition and the knowledge that one is the best in the world at a particular action. Breaking a record has become a very coveted and highly sought after honor. Even though there is no monetary compensation for breaking a record offered from Guinness, there are more than 40,000 record seekers annually. Record-breaking is not limited to individual effort. Many countries have decided to participate in achieving great feats. Countries such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have broken many records as a part of its national celebrations.

Record Breaking Treats

For example, back in 1996, the UAE set a world record for having the longest cake as a part of the country’s 25th National Day Celebration. Stretching 2.53 kilometers and weighing over 74,000 kilograms, the cake was a tribute to the late President H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Everything related to this cake was astronomical including its $82,000 price tag.

Another example of the UAE using a cake to attempt to break a record occurred back in 2001 when 2100 candles each measuring 18 centimeters were lit on a cake. This represented the highest number of candles on a cake at the time.

Confectionary and other records

Since then, in the UAE, many of the records broken have moved away from confectionary records to records of human endurance and engineering. This shift in thought has not stopped cities such as Dubai from seeking to do very new and exciting things with cake and other kinds of pastries. Many of the modern record attempts are aimed at either highlighting a health concern or getting donations for the various charities that operate within the UAE.

In 2014, an attempt was made to host the largest dessert party in the world with donations being given to the RAK hospital. In keeping with the health theme, all the cakes baked were sugar-free and sugar checks were done on the spot all night.

The Dubai Centre for Special Needs is another non-profit organization which benefits from cake-based charities. For the past eleven years, an annual event known as the Stollen cake sale has been a part of the national identity. The basis of the event is the preparation of a huge German Stollen cake measuring over 700 meters long. This cake is then sold to the general public with the proceeds going to the special needs center.

Christmas Stollen cake

Innovative Treats

The UAE’s love affair with cakes is not only limited to charity, but many pastry shop owners have also begun to offer cake delivery in Abu Dhabi and other highly populated cities. Most services understand the need for versatility and convenience as well as varied offerings. Being a truly international city, there are many who would seek convenience with a healthy spin due to having a busy lifestyle. Many modern offerings will include:

- Cakes which are allergen-free; therefore no wheat, gluten, milk etc.
- Healthy fruit-based cakes where dark chocolate or antioxidant-rich natural sweeteners are used.
- Traditional cakes with a luxurious twist such as the addition of gold or diamond garnishes.

Seeing the UAE’s long tradition with innovation, the limit as to what is possible only lives in the imagination of the artist.


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