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Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction is one of the major problems plaguing the United States and the world over. However, thanks to rehabilitation services, the cases can be easily dealt with to give the addicts another chance at living the lives they desire. These principles of drug addiction give one a chance at how effective the process can be.

Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment

There is no single method for all addictions

While drug addicts can be categorized into specific groups according to the drug they are addicted to, helping each one of them will require different methods since the process is heavily based on their personalities.  

Effective help goes beyond the drug addiction

While the main issue is drug addiction, there are many underlying issues of a vocational, social, legal and psychological nature which cause and fuel the use of drugs. For effective treatment, the plan in place should also consider these aspects. 

Behavioral therapies are quite effective

Behavioral therapies include family, individual and group counseling sessions which are very effective as they address various aspects of the addiction process. They address factors such as the willingness of the addict to stop the behavior and others. 

It is a continuous process

It ought to be known that rehabilitation is not a one-time thing which is done and forgotten about. Rather, it involves tweaking the treatment program as per the changing needs of the patient. Even when the patient has left a program due to successful completion of it, contact needs to be kept with them to ensure they integrate well with the society and do not get addicted again. 

Medically assisted detoxification is not effective on its own

After the detoxification process, the patient needs to be guided in ways of staying clear of the addiction in totality. The detoxification process is only good in ridding the body of the toxins but further measures need to be taken to prevent recurrence of the addiction. 

While complex, drug addiction is treatable

While addiction is mostly a choice people make, coming from it requires more than a simple choice to make. However, with consistency and the right help, one can easily overcome it. 

This availability of services plays a major role

It is not an easy decision deciding to go to a rehabilitation center. For this reason, the rehabilitation services need to be readily available to ensure that one does not change their thoughts after making up their mind to attend the program. 

Being in a rehabilitation program for long is good

With rehab, the longer one is there, the better the results. The minimum period of time should be three months and that is for mild cases. If one is released prematurely, they will likely revert back to their old habit. 

Never skip medications

There are many important medicines that must be taken by the patient to provide the best rehabilitation experience. These medicines are to be administered as per the type of addiction and combined with other forms of rehabilitation such as counseling. 

It is never just about the drugs

Many cases if drug addiction have pointed out that, often, there is an underlying issue of a mental nature. Mental disorders often accompany drug addictions to the extent that treating one without dealing with the other reduces the effectiveness of the program.

These are the guiding principles for anyone interested in getting rehabilitation services or providing them. If one keeps to them, they are likely to get the most from the rehabilitation services they would access. What needs to be known is that it requires a lot of dedication to be effective to anyone who was involved in substance addiction.  


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