June, 18
by Mo Houston

Organized Wardrobe = Organized Life.

It is the Mothership of your personal style. A closet in disarray is not helpful. But these organizational tips, are.

Organized Wardrobe = Organized Life.

The closet is really just a figurative space at this point. It no longer is a cut out rectangle in the wall that houses a few shelves, and a rod. It doesn't even have to be a room that you can walk into and still humbly refer to as a closet. Even with your ridicuous amounts of square footage and shoes racks for days...

The closet, essentially, is a where you put your things that have no right laying around your house when they aren't on your body. Sometimes they are huge spaces, sometimes they are miniscule, sometimes they are just a rolling rack, and sometimes they are built-ins crafted for specific pieces. But they are stress inducing sources of complete chaos when they are not organized. Whether the closet is exposed to your living space, or tucked behind a closed door. You know the mess is there, and that type of disorganization makes it difficult to get the most out of a mix-n-match type of morning.

Becuase I enjoy making lists, and catgorizing things such as shoes based on their pain factor, I've decided to compile the 5 most helpful ideas for taking that wardrobe and putting things where they belong. For the sake of your mentality, and your style game.

1│•• Color coordinated is great for open closets, especially in small living spaces. The color wheel is naturally pleasant to look at, the transitions between colors are an ease for our eyeballs to process.

2│•• This will sound obvious. But, utilize your space. If it's a narrow space, the vertical dependancy allows you to hang more things. Invest in large hangers with repeated rungs attached to one singular hook. This will give you an easy grouping method for undershirts or dress pants and it won't let the rod become to congested. 

3│•• Your shoes are your friends. Even if their space hoarding nature tampers with that friendship. If space is limited, consider storing away seasonal shoes. Flipflops can easily be placed inside an old hat or shoes box. Label it nicely, and place it out of mind for another 6 months.

4│•• Sometimes a mere inch will do wonders when youve packed the rod full of hanging garments.That's when you know you want slimmer, durable hangers. The thinner they're hanging, the less space that's be combatting with one another.

5│•• Whenever there is available wall space. USE IT. Your smaller good can easily be showcased here. And it can be fun. Thinner things such as scarves, belts, or hats can be arranged accoridngly on wall space simply by placing nails, hooks, knobs, clothing lines...etc. on the available plot.

Happy closet make-over.



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