May, 30
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Mindful Traveling: 3 Ways to Make Your Experience More Meaningful

Just the other day, I was searching online for itinerary samples and looking for the best San Francisco tours to book, as I plan my next trip.

Mindful Traveling: 3 Ways to Make Your Experience More Meaningful

But, as I browsed and picked out the spots I wanted to visit, I started to panic. I only have seven days to spend in this new city. How on earth will I maximize a whole week's worth of traveling in another uncharted destination?

This isn't a something new, however.

Every time I plan a trip and book a ticket for an upcoming vacation, I catch myself feeling anxious about my travel plans in general. And before I know it, I have worried too much and pushed myself close enough into a state of travel anxiety.

Fortunately, I catch myself just in time and think about the very reason I wanted to travel in the first place. I want to travel because I want to add new moments to my bucket of experience. So, essentially, I just had to remind myself that I need to be mindful if I wanted my trip to more meaningful. This made me recall some of the things that I have learned along the way:

One at a time

When we travel, it feels mandatory to cram in as many activities and destinations in our itinerary as possible. And while this may mean we get to cover more ground and tick off more sites in our bucket list, sometimes this also takes away the essence of traveling. In the midst of hurrying from one location to another, we lose the opportunity to be lost in the moment. Whether it is picking out one activity at a time or zeroing in on one tourist spot to enjoy for a day, mindful traveling reverberates more meaningful experiences when we devote our time to a single task at hand.

Walk and look around

Another tip to make our journeys more mindful and meaningful is to opt out taking cab or bus rides, whenever possible. We can choose to walk and explore the places that we visit on foot. This way, we control our pace and we become more mindful of our surroundings as we feel the earth under our feet. Similarly, we can benefit more when we look around and glance in every direction. True, smartphones and digital cameras can capture scenic views, but our eyes help ingrain the beautiful images in our mind. That being said, here are some of the best San Francisco tours I have found that come highly recommended and provide you with the most unique and entertaining ways to see San Francisco all in one day!

  • Dylan’s Famous Tour
  • Famous Tour with Muir Woods
  • Famous Tour with Muir Woods and Alcatraz

  • San Francisco Adventure Tour
  • City Loop Electric Bike Tour
  • Bike the Bridge & Shuttle to Muir Woods
  • Customizable San Francisco Highlights Tour
  • Sonoma and Napa Valley Combo Tour

Interact and be thankful

We can also add more meaning to our travels when we take time to interact with people that we meet during our trips. Be it with locals or fellow travelers, socializing with others always adds a certain level of significance to every experience.

And, finally, nothing best describes mindful traveling than when we express gratitude for every place we visit. Keeping a journal about the things we are thankful for in each trip can help us be more mindful of the things we do as travelers, augmenting our mental notes and making each memory more vivid.


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