July, 08
by Mo Houston

Midsummer Simplicity

If the weather requires less layers, and the daylight lasts longer; the amount of time dedicated to the outfit of the day is significantly less.

Midsummer Simplicity

Precious moments of sunlight should be left to deciding where to eat, who to see, what to DO. Not what to wear. Which is why minimalism is a covetable mindset. Especially when it comes to what we're placing on our bodies this summer. Forget the oodles of layers. Instead of planning out the elements of an outfit, this July should be spent embracing grunt-less wardrobes. This means matching sets, cutouts, monochrome, rompers, and simple summer dresses. Let the well designed and coordinated piece do all of the work. The weather is hot, you don't need to work up a sweat planning to look fabulous everyday. Some days are just effortless.

Here's some inspiration from style savvy ladies who know the warmer months are meant for living and dressing easy.


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