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by Mo Houston

Meet: Melissa Laskin

We turn the spotlight on celebrity stylist turned art apparel afficinado - Melissa Laskin.

Meet: Melissa Laskin

 Meet: Melissa Laskin

 Stylist to the stars turned art apparel guru, Melissa Laskin is the brains and beauty behind elvislaskin and her range of unique, abstract t-shirts and dresses. Coveted by celebs like Amber Rose and House of Card's 1st lady, Robin Wright, find her designs front row at VMAs, catwalk shows and face to face with Jimmy Kimmel. We sit down with the lady of the hour to talk more about life in the limelight and what it takes to make it state-side.



1. Stylist turned designer, tell us more...

I haven't left the world of styling behind me, instead I've been combining my passions for art and design for the last year. Custom designing for celebrity clients like Brad Pitt and Kate Winslet in the past, I developed the elvislaskin tee/dress line when the market was lacking in abstract printed tees. As a stylist and artist I'm always looking for something unique and different for my clients, so I decided to create my brand with that in mind.


2. What sets elvislaskin out from the crowd?

All the designs from the elvislaskin brand are unique and made by me - you can be sure no one will have the same design. This spring I've been experimenting with new fabrics and design details, its an ever evolving process that continues to make the brand special.


3. Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

I don't follow trends, all of my inspiration comes from the 6-9 paintings I create for that collection. Used to setting the trends as a stylist, I like to do my own thing and I'm always coming up with new ideas for my artwork – that's pretty inspiring as well.


4. Who would you choose as a brand ambassador for elvislaskin?

It would have to be Megan Fox.


5. If forced to only pick one item from your collection, what would it be?

I love my Colored Brush Dress on I also have some amazing new pieces coming out for spring with fabrics that are not typically used for apparel.
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 6. What is your biggest piece of advice for budding fashion designers out there?

The world is always looking for something different, but the business side is over-looked by creative people, so I would say that they need to have the funds to keep a business sustainable!


7. What does the future look like for elvislaskin?

We're going global! Moving into other fashion areas and home wares, I'm hoping to spread my designs across the world.


8.Can you describe your design aesthetic in four words?

Abstract  Creative  Contemporary  Cool.


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